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It is a whole new way of doing the task. Thanks. I am looking inside of Your file and see how much I still do not know about Maple :).

Is there any good tutor from beginners to advance to learn different technics and options when working with Maple? Whatever I was able to find was a single videos on different topics. I would appriecte some more detailed course.

But thank You a lot for help, lesson, and Your time spent on this. 

Btw. why You uses map() command? It is only for checking or any other purpose?



Your way of solving the isue is working. I still am not sure where was my misteke bu I suppose it wa because I wanted to do it step by step and used subs command and tried to replace variables, like I would do it on paper, when I tried to do the same with Your solution it did create mistake again. 

So I will use Your way since it works like a charm :)

Thanks and kind regards



Thank You all for Your answers. I hoped for some short and clear way to proceed and it came :)

I can continue to enjoy Maple.


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