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As a simple progress bar, I want to print a dot every time one step of a for loop is finished, for example I tried for i from 1 to nsteps do printf("."); end do: However, this prints all dots at once the moment the complete loop is finished. Using for i from 1 to nsteps do writeline(default,`.`); end do: prints every step a dot, however it includes a new line command (dots appear below each other). Does anyone has suggestions how to make the progress bar? Niels.
I'm looking for a method to extract the (unique) functions of a specific variable from a sum of functions, for example from u=sin(x)*sin(th)+sin(x)^2+sin(2x)+sin(th)^2+exp(x)+x i want to extract for x unique functions = {sin(x),sin(2x),exp(x),x} and for th unique functions = {sin(th)}. For a sum of only trigiometric functions, I use indets(u,trig(x)) and indets(u,trig(th)). However, for a sum of general functions I have no clue how to do this. Any help is welcome. Niels.
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