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There are surely different ways to do this. start with creating the sequence. My starting point: 7/9 =0.777...
Then multiply that with 10^n and cut off the decimal places.

A:=proc(n) local m; convert([seq(floor(7/9*10^m),m=1..n)],`+`);  end proc;



Note that not all equations can be solved explicitly. Maple returns RootOfs in this case. See my sheet for a numerical solution.




You already have two explicit formulas V(t) for both cases. Now you have to find the maximum of V1(t)-V2(t).

So calculate the first derivative of it, then...

Hello again,

one idea is to switch off default geometry and add your own one, this metallic look is cooler anyway ;-) I added two bars to get you started. For the custom icons: Double click a subsystem, then see below.










there's no direct way to enter text into the 3D-Space, but you can attach an stl-File with the CAD component from the visualizations tab in the multibody section. The text was done with the freely available drawing tool sketchup from google, along with an stl plugin I randomly picked from a web search. The colored cylinder geometry is already available by default in the multibody tab.


Double click on the label you want to change in your plot, the cursor appears. If the cursor style is not set to italics (math mode), then press F5 and type y_r. Then click outside the label field to leave the edit mode.

You have to change the vertical axis range to reasonable values.

If you don't happen to have a Win7 with XP mode you are probably out of luck, Maple 11 is too old. Unpatched it doesn't even work with Vista.

see ?dsolve

Just throw in some semicolons:

while x>0 do
end do

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