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I use the GraphTheory package to draw graphs with DrawGraph. These drawings, I often use for educational purposes or for scientific papers. However, in black and white these graphs are not very clear. I would like to change the form of the nodes and the color of the edges and nodes. Is this possible?

I've got a weighted undirected graph with 166 nodes and 191 edges. When using EdgeConnectivity I get a strange message:

Error, (in GraphTheory:-EdgeConnectivity) invalid input: GraphTheory:-VertexConnectivity expects its 1st argument, G, to be of type GRAPHLN, but received GRAPHLN(undirected, unweighted, V, A, `GRAPHLN/table/5`, 0)

Who can help?


Using the geometry intersection command in a loop, each time there is no intersection found, the message "intersection: there is no point of intersection" is printed. Using printlevel:=0, does not suppress printing of this message. Is there another solution?

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