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I use the following commands to export a graph to a file:

plotsetup(gif, plotoutput=cat(filefolder,examplenr,".gif")):

filefolder is defined as a complete path: filefolder:="D:/TopUp/models/vergelijking/":
And pol is a pol:=plottools[polygon](polygonlist,color=grey): 

This works fine when I use it directly in a Maple worksheet.

However, if I save...

I've found a fundamental difference in the use of 


where G is a Graph in the GraphTheory package.


If I change G2 in the first case, G remains the same.

If I change G2 in the second case, G changes together with G2.

(The same happens when G is an input parameter in a procedure. Normally formal parameters cannot be changed, but if G is a graph there is no error message when changing G). 

I've made exam questions for students that they have to answer by doing some calculations in Maple.

I would like to let them copy the commands they used to a Maple TA text field.

However, the standard worksheet in our computer lab uses 2-D math. Copying this 2-D math to Maple TA works fine with "paste as plain text", but copying 1-D math also works with ctrl-v in Maple TA, which is more convenient for students under stress.

Since I am not allowed change...

For educational purposes, I would like to hide some code (procedures) in a maple file. I put these procedures in a subsection which I can collapse. But everytime you execute the worksheet, the subsection is automatically expanded and I have to collapse the subsection again.
Is there a way to avoid the automatic expansion of subsection while executing the worksheet? 

I would like to combine a maple 2d-plot with a existing jpg-file in one graph.

How can I do that?
I tried something with ImageTools, but that doesn't seem to work.


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