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Hi everyone.

I always used simple command to plot graphs with parametric function:

> plot([seq([i, t, t=0..11-i], i=1..10)], thickness=3, color=blue); 

And I always obtained this:

But yesterday I installed second update for Maple 18, and now I get only error:

"Error, (in plot) invalid input: ToInert expects 1 or 2 arguments, but received 0"

What command I should use now?

Hi everyone.

I wrote simple program with several functions. I would like to obtain parallel computing of my functions. I can't understand how to use nodes.

My programm.


Hi everyone!

I wrote simple program which fits experimental result. I know that experimental points should be fitted with this function — Te=exp(a*X+b), where "a" and "b" are parameters. "X" — vector of independent variable, "Te" — vector of dependent variable.

My question is: can maple estimate error of my fitting? I want to obtain "a±Δa" and "b±Δb".

My program: Profile.mw

P.S. Excuse me, for my english. It isn't my native language.

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