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Hello everyone!

I want to construct column vector which elements should be square matrices (m x n each one). So, i use cycle "for" to set such construction.

My question is: what is the fastest way to construct matrices if each matrix elements are independent from each other and also they are results of numerical integration, like is shown in attached file?


Hello, everyone!

I have a problem. Colleague send me a figure in maple-file – .mw. How to export data from this plot? I usually use "plottools:-getdata" command, but what strategy should I apply in case of attached file?



Hello everyone!

Is it possible to find index of first non-negative or first positive Vector's (or Array's) element with the help of one Maple build-in comand (for example: use something from ArrayTools or ListTools)?

Hello everyone!

I'm interesting in "zcoloring" funciton in colorscheme option.

I wrote simple programm which compares two results: spectrogram of signal drawn with "colormap" list and spectrogram which was plotted with zcoloring function. I use red, green, blue functions to construct JET-colormap: list and expressions in "zcoloring".

My result:

As I understand, when I use:

colorscheme = ["zcoloring", [z-> Red color function(z), z-> Green color function(z), z-> Blue color function(z)], colorspace = "RGB"]

Maple plots z-value with color RGB color coordinates defined from "zcoloring". For example, if "zcoloring" is

colorscheme = ["zcoloring", [z-> 5*z, z-> 3*z, z-> 2*z], colorspace = "RGB"]

and z value is 10, then 10 value will correspond [50,30,20]-RGB color.

My test program:


Spectrogram of my test signal:


Hello everyone!
I wrote proc for Spectral density estimation using Welch's method.

And I want to understand wich fuction is better for computation of Cross-correlation: SignalProcessing:-CrossCorrelation or Statistics:-CrossCorrelation?

Here is my programm with simple signal exmaples:

P.S. (7 hours after initial question) I've just found several mistakes in my PSDw-proc in overlapping.

So, I uploaded new version of my programm. But now I'm not sure in unit of measurement  of power spectral density, but algorithm works correctly.


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