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Hi everyone!

I have a question: what is the simpliest way to generate colorbar for spectrogram?

Now I use "valuesplit" to assign dependece "z"-value from color.

My programm. My test file: "Signal.txt".



P.S. I use Maple 2016.

Hi everyone!

I'm curious how to obtain in Maple 2015 same result as in Maple 18.

Here is my code:


L0 := ImportMatrix("C:\\Test.txt", source = delimited, delimiter = "\t", datatype = float[8]):

plot(L0[() .. (), 1], L0[() .. (), 2], axes = box, size = [600, 320]);

This is result which I get by Maple 18:

This is result which I get by Maple 2015:


My Test file:Test.txt

Hi everyone!

I use two "ArrayTools:-Copy" commands to copy elements from Vector A to Vector B.

A := LinearAlgebra:-RandomVector(10); A := convert(A, Vector[row]);
B := Vector[row](10); ArrayTools:-Copy(2, A, 1, B, 1); ArrayTools:-Copy(2, A, 7, B, 7); B;

My question is: Could I obtain the same result using only one command?

P.S. I tried to use "ArrayTools:-BlockCopy", but didn't get correct result.


Hello, Everyone!

I have a big TXT-file (~ 40 Mb). There are 970001 strings in this file. In each string there are 5 float numbers. I use command: readdata to obtain information from my file.

The problem consist in time, which Maple spends to read data.

My question is: how can I accelerate file reading?

My code: "Test read.mw"

My file in zip-archive: "Imp34462 14.zip"



Hello, Maple wizards.

I have a problem with Tasks for parallel computations. In each task my programm should execute this command:


"A" and "B" are Arrays (1..m). "m" is integer. I have 8 tasks. Each task is a loop ("for i from 1 to n do..." n is integer), where my command is executing. "A" and "B" are local for each task. In this case each task should execute my command n times.

So, I obtain this:

"Error, (in SignalProcessing:-Engine:-DFT) attempting to assign to `FwdDFT` which is protected"

What is it? In Maple Help I read that ">SignalProcessing:-DFT" is Thread-Safe Function.


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