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I im interesting  how to stop executing algorithm if user chose "cancel" in maplet filedialog?

maplet:=Maplet(FileDialog['FD1']('filefilter' = "*.txt,*.m",
'filterdescription' = "TXT-files and Maple m-files",
'directory'= "D:\\NIR\\Experimental result\\Data\\",
'onapprove' = Shutdown(['FD1']), 'oncancel' = Shutdown())):
#Point to stop executing
a := 1;
b := 2;


Hello everyone!

I have several problems with listcontplot.

First of all, when I plot spectrogram of my test signal I get correct result. I use colorscheme = ["#00007F", "Blue", "#007FFF", "Aqua", "#7FFF7F", "Yellow", "coral", "Red"] as colormap. But I can't understand how to set option coloring in listcontplot correctly to obtain same result, because coloring works as Gradient from ColorTools.

Secondly, I use subs to change plot ranges. My apprach consist in several steps:

plot( listdensityplot(...) );
temp := plottools:-getdata(%, 'rangesonly');
subs(temp[1] = NewX0 .. NewX1, temp[2] = NewY0 .. NewY1, listdensityplot(...) );

Is it possible to simplify this solution?

P.S. My test programm with test data.



My Spectrograms:


I have a question about densityplot.

I want to get this colormap:

As I understand, I should use plots:-densityplot(...) comand and "HSV" colorscheme, where H = [240..0], S=1, V=1.

But if i use zcoloring with this options, I will get wrong result.

My code:


a := 0; b := 1; #first and final point

plots:-densityplot(z, dummy = 0 .. 1, z = a .. b, grid = [2, 10], size = [90, 100], colorscheme = ["zcoloring", [proc (z) options operator, arrow; -240*(z-a)/(b-a)+240 end proc, proc (z) options operator, arrow; 1 end proc, proc (z) options operator, arrow; 1 end proc], colorspace = "HSV"], style = surface, axes = frame, labels = ["", ""], axis[1] = [tickmarks = []], title = "Test", titlefont = ["Calibri", "Bold", 16], axesfont = ["Arial", 14], size = [100, 500]); #densityplot with zcoloring option.


My result (zero must be equal to "Blue"):

I can't find mistake....

Is it possible to plot chart like this in Maple?

Hello everyone!

Could somebody help me with reading data from Huge txt-file? My file contains matrix with 10 columns and 10^6 rows. Datatype is float[8].

I use "ImportMatrix" comand to obtain data from file, but it is rather slow ~ 33 sec.

is there an efficient way to read file directly using Maple? Or I should use C-dll to read file faster?

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