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Hello all.

I am using a k-means cluster routine to partition a set of points into a fixed number of clusters.

The solution assigns points belong to clusters, and this is given in matrix-form. The attached file gives an example of a simple problem that is concerns two clusters (matrices). The entries of each cluster / matrix represent the coordinates of the points in the plane.

I am looking to ..

1. Isolate and label each cluster solution (there may be up to 10), and 

2. For each matrix / cluster, arrange the entries into separate ordered pairs. 

For example, in this instance, I wish to obtain the following form ..

A: = [[-6.08, 52.99], [-7.26, 55.29], [-6.24, 53.29]]

B: = [[-9.72, 51.46], ... , [-9.81, 53.76]]

I have made several attempts to solve for this, but I simply cannot get the solution to output this form.

Any advise / help you can give will be gratefully received. 

Thanks for reading!

Download MaplePrimes_May_31.mw

Good day. 

I recently constructed a Maple model using an LPSolve routine to solve for a classic factory (Operations Research) assignment problem. Basically, this involves 4 factories that, in any combination, can supply goods and fulfil demand to 10 customers. If any given factory is activated, the model determines what factory should supply what customer so that the weighted-distance is minimized.

However, in addtion to this - I would like to know the quantity of items that each factory supplies to each of their respective customers and I would like to verify that the quantity demanded by each customer is fulfilled. 

I was hoping that somebody could guide me on how to do this. Any suggestions would be most welcomed.

The model is attached.

Thanks for reading!


Good day.

I am working on a time series problem that uses 107 data sets (historic) and I wish to obtain a forecast for the next successive 12 events. I have obtained the time series plot for the predicted values and the associated dates separately (see attached), however - I am looking to get the solution in a more user-friendly format and was hoping someone could help me out.

Can someone tell me how to 

1. Express the data values only as whole number values (decimal-free)

2. Construct a table of data values and dates for the average forecast as well as the 2nd and 98th percentile forecasts?

Thanks for reading!


Good day! 

I have been wrestling with what appears to be a simple problem, but with no success and so, I thought I would reach out for support. 

Consider a two-dimensional strip of any given width, x, and depth, y.

I wish to maximize the quantity of strips that can fit inside a larger two-dimensional surface of any given width, X, and depth, Y. Overhanging is not permitted and all smaller strips must lie within the interior of the larger surface. 

I'm looking for a solution method that can calculate the best configuration necessary to fit the maximum number of smaller strips in the interior of the larger rectangle. Can someone suggest a way (if possible) to solve for this?

Thanks for reading.

Good day! 

I attempted to download the geocoding package for Maple and I cannot get it to work. Executing the worksheet produces no results.

I am using Maple 2022. 

Can anyone shed some light on this please?

Thanks for reading ..


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