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Good day! 

I have been wrestling with what appears to be a simple problem, but with no success and so, I thought I would reach out for support. 

Consider a two-dimensional strip of any given width, x, and depth, y.

I wish to maximize the quantity of strips that can fit inside a larger two-dimensional surface of any given width, X, and depth, Y. Overhanging is not permitted and all smaller strips must lie within the interior of the larger surface. 

I'm looking for a solution method that can calculate the best configuration necessary to fit the maximum number of smaller strips in the interior of the larger rectangle. Can someone suggest a way (if possible) to solve for this?

Thanks for reading.

Good day! 

I attempted to download the geocoding package for Maple and I cannot get it to work. Executing the worksheet produces no results.

I am using Maple 2022. 

Can anyone shed some light on this please?

Thanks for reading ..


Good day. 

I have been looking into the time series features in Maple and was eager to apply the models to one specific example containing 47 data points (attached).

When I run the ESM routine, Maple provides a forecast based on a (A,N,N) configuration. You will notice that the forecast for the following 12 data points is a constant value. I have also noticed this for several other data set examples and I would have expected the predictions to vary across the next 12 data points.

Does the (A,N,N) configuration in Maple automatically provide an optimal forecast and can anyone advise me on how to specify all possible combinations of (error, trend, season) models?

Thanks you for reading.


Good Day.

I have attached a worksheet for a time series that comprises 45 data points. I would like to investigate the overall demand (for forecasting purposes) and to isolate the underlying demand components; that is, trend, level, seasonal, and residual. However, I have difficulty in distinguishing each component in the plot as the colors appear to be similar and some may have relatively small values.

Does anyone know how to recolor these components so they appear to be more obvious? It would be also beneficial to isolate and plot each individual component - can that be done?

Thanks for your interest!


Good day.

Several years ago, I obtained access to a clustering package that was useful to my studies using Maple 17.

In the meantime, I switched to another computer and now, I  cannot access the file, ClusterAnalysis.mla.

Unfortunately, I do not recall how I was able to access this library file.

Can anybody please advise me on the exact steps that are necessary to initialize and execute this file?

Thanks for reading ...

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