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We are writing object oriented packages, so we have various objects containing static export'ed methods, as recommended in Maple OO docs.  But if foo is an object, exports(foo) only shows the non-static exports, which is not very useful.  How can a user discover the static exports that are available for an object?



We are developing Maple packages for symmetries of DEs, the Maple packages are Maple-object-oriented, meaning that each package contains Maple objects and almost all methods are within objects (i.e. as static exports). Object and its methods are the main part of the package, package exports are mostly either Object-Names or Object-Constructor-Methods, so that our code has minimal footprint in the name space when loaded. 

We are now trying to write/organise Maple...

I currently have some MathMLViewers in my maplet and I don't want them to have vertical scroll bar at all times. Does anyone know how to switch vertical scroll bar off for MathMLViewer? Also, is any way that I can have two windows dispaly at same time so I can change window focus by clicking window? Last question, is it possible to display multiple items in ListBox by using Set("ListBox_Name"('value') = blah, blah, blah); Looking forward for your respond, thank you. Tracy
Does anyone know how to display "infinity symbol" in Label element in Maplet?
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