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As we write a maple program to do whatever operation is, is it possible (in maple) to measure howmany operations per second was performed to achieve the desired result. Or in case of the iterative methods, how can we measure the speed by means of  iterations/second and/or the total time used to achieve the result. Is this kind of performance measurements possible in Maple?.


Hello all, I have been trying to include maple output graphs into latex, I converted the output to eps and to gif, with eps I can not compile my tex to pdf, it says file not found but the same tex file can be compiled to dvi without any problem. the problem with eps is that they are gray images while I want to include the colourful maple graph. I used epstopdf package to let latex convert the eps to pdf format then include the pdf image but compiling the tex file to pdf gives the error : epstopdf..disabled image.pdf not found, of course it can not find image.pdf because the epstopdf package is for some reasons disabled and compiling it to dvi gives a colourful image but the image takes almost a whole page so not nice, not in the size and place I want to show it.
how to forcely or better say conditionally stop a "for" loop at a specific reached value without completing the rest of the loop, in other words I have such loop : for i from 0 to 100 do x[i+1]=f(x[i]) end do , I want this loop to stop at i where x[i+1]=x[i] (the fixed point) this can be at i=40 (for example) then I dont need to complete the iteration until i=100, which means how to let maple determine the number of iterations needed. and I need : if x[i+1]=x[i] k:= i: g:=x[i] to use these valuse later on in the program. if I somehow can stop the loop at i where x[i+1]=x[i] then I will absolutely not need the if statement. Can you please tell me how to perform this task?
why when men talk about graphing newton's basins of attraction they always give complex exaples . For the real polynomials we have the same idea for example the polynomial : f(x) = x^3 + 2*x^2 - x -2 this has 3 real roots 1, -1, -2 and of course we have some intial x0 makes newton formula converge and other not so we will have basins. or for x^3 - 1 which has 3 mix of real and complex roots. Can you please help me in writing a maple program that create the graph of newton's basin for such real polynomials? and If you think that my idea is not correct can you please provide me with a maple program that create the basins for a complex polynomial so that I maybe can modify it for the real ones?.
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