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A warm greeting for everyone

I have a function in one variable r defined in spherical coordinates f(r)=r^2+1.
I want to getting field plot or gradient plot for this function in spherical coordinates: 0<r<1,  0<theta<Pi/2 and 0<phi<2Pi.
is there any suggestion


A warm greeting for all

How to import a figure from Mathematica to Maple.


Worm greeting to all

I use the following to plot two orthogonal vectors display(arrow(1,0), arrow(0,1)) as


  Now, I need to shift these two orthogonal vectors to another point.

Dears, greeting for all

I have a problem, I try to explain it by a figure

This formula does not work.

I need to substitute n=0 to give G_n+1 as a function of the parameter s, then find the limit. 

.where G_n is a function in s.

this is the result


Hello Dear,

I have the following equation

 This equation is satisfied if the coefficients are zero.

So I need an order in Maple to write that


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