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Hi there,

I want to solve several LPs of the kind

L:=Optimization[LPSolve](obj, cnsts, maximize = true, assume = integer);

where it often is unbounded. Maple then prints a warning and returns a (meaningless) solution.

Now: how do I check, whether it is unbounded?




I have to use code from older Versions of Maple which is for example of the form (only much longer)

> a := proc()
> local i;
> i := 89;
> i;
> end proc;
> a();

Hi there,

while programming, when I enter RETURN in my proc, I get a strange error

"Error, unable to delimit strings/identifiers"

and no further clues given.

What's wrong?

Hi there,

ich want to create a Maple-package -- say Foo -- using Maple12 by using 'module()'.

This works OK for me and I can load it with


Then a list of the (exportet) functions appears.


What code do I have to enter in order to display also a predefined message, ie. via printf? For example

"with(Foo)" ---> "You are proud user of the Foo-package!"



I'm new to maple's datastructures. Is it possible to store some rather complicated data in the nodes (or leafs) of a n-nary Tree? Are there also B-Trees?

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