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I'm programming really much right now in Maple. To do so, I simply write foo :=proc(...) ... end proc statements directly into a Maple-document.

However, you neither have syntax-highlighting (save Standard-Keywords such as 'proc' or 'for', 'do' etc.) nor auto-indent (you actually have to use the space bar, tab won't work).

You certainly agree that that is very annoying. Are there other options? Is there e.g. some sort of Editor where I can program most of my stuff without entering maple and will it load packages (with(...) in Maple)?

Thanks in advance!


currently I'm looking to improve the running time of a procedure 'foo' using CodeTools[Profiling](Profile) and PrintProfiles.

However, it would be nice to have Maple write the results to a text-file (without using toooo much space).

Any thoughts?

Does anybody know whether there's a library with which I can efficiently compute Minkowski-Sums of Polytopes or Polyhedra?

I want to load C++ code into Maple12. Is that possible?

In which format do I need the files (.obj, .exe or just .cpp)?


Hi there,

I'm relatively new to Maple and I was wondering how to draw plots using  3DPLOT such that Maple also draws the coordinate-axes (starting at (0,0,0)).


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