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These are questions asked by hanswurst

I have given a hypercube in dimension d > 3 (in the form (min,max) for each coordinate) and I want to get all integral points in (LaTeX-Pseudo-Code):

Z^d  \cap hypercube

ie. I want to compute all integral coordinates which are in the given boundaries. In d=3 this is easily done by three for-loops. But how in general dimension?

I get a strange error: I'm calling a procedure f( L1 , L2 ) which expects two lists L1, L2 as parameters such that each entry of L1 and L2 is of type 'rational'.

This procedure is called several times but from time to time this error occurs:

"Error, (in  ....[f]) invalid input: ....[f] expects its 1st argument, L1, to be of type ......, but received [0., 1, 0]"

Does Maple do some kind of auto-conversion of e.g. L1=[0,1, 9999999 / 10000000] to the corresponding float?

Sorry for posting something similar again on computing on multi-core-machines but it's really important.

So the question is:

There are two possibilities for solving a problem:

f := proc(L::list)

r1 := g( first part of L );
r2 := g( second part of L );

return [ op( r1 ) ,op( r2 )]:
end proc:


Hi there,

it might sound stupid but I wasn't able to program a procedure with

1. peding number of parameters: e.g.

f := proc(a1,a2,...)
end proc:

should be good for both f(1,2) as well as f(1,2,3,4,20) and so on.

2. I also wasn't able to program a procedure with an optional parameter:

f := proc(a, opt)
end proc:

should be good for f(1) as well as for f(a,"h") etc.


I'm working with lengthy computations in Maple right now and I was just wondering whether it it possible to display some kind of "progress bar" after you hit the return button to start the computation.

At least in the form that text is displayed (e.g. "now is a good time to drink your coffee, computation may take a while") BUT that vanishes after the computation is complete.

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