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Hi there,

I want to use Maple with the non-graphical interface on a standard konsole (not xmaple, just maple).

This works fine, except: how do I store the current file? (there are no menues...)

How do I open one?



How do I evaluate a String, ie. cut out the exclamation marks '"' ?

Example: I want


converted to


it sound simple but there are way to many 'eval'-functions to gain insight :-(

How do I compute a Groebner-Basis auf a Ideal I that corresponds to the SINGULAR-command 'std'?

Hi there!

In Maple 9.5: when programming you were able to ident code using the TAB-key. However in Maple 12 (when not using the classic mode) when programming you have to use the space bar several times, the TAB-key won't work.

Any thoughts?

Call me stupid but I still wasn't able to run the simple example in the maple help (see http://www.maplesoft.com/support/help/view.aspx?path=Define_external ) regarding calling external, precompiled Code (in my Case: c++).

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