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I see the text of  "compose tips" in http://www.mapleprimes.com/filter/tips overlapping the right column.

I am observing the changes in this site, and I find that the block "Recent comments" in the right column now appears too far away at the bottom. In part because the new section "Active Student Forum Topics" was added. I do not see in "User account" > "Block configuration" an option to set the order of the blocks. Could such an option be added?
I have realized that Firefox (v, Win XP) is not showing here the "Recent blog posts" column on the right, while it does appear in eg Opera 9.24, Internet Explorer 6.0 or Elinks 0.11.3. I am not sure at what version of Firefox this problem began. Anyone else has observed this effect?
Compiling the OpenMaple sample file omexample.c, and executing omexample -r I get the expected welcome, preceded by this first line: Enhanced external functions enabled.
    |\^/|     Maple (Example Program)
._|\|   |/|_. Copyright (c) Maplesoft, a division of Waterloo Maple Inc. 2004
 \OPENMAPLE/  All rights reserved. Maple and OpenMaple are trademarks of
What are these "Enhanced external functions" ? Regards, Alejandro
Playing with the integral int(cosh(v)/sqrt(sech(v)-sech(vm)),v=0..vm); I have tried numerical integration with different methods and got errors for small vm. Eg. with plain N2:=vm->evalf(Int(cosh(v)/sqrt(sech(v)-sech(vm)),v=0..vm)); N2(.01); returns unevaluated, and with the NAG method N3:=vm->evalf(Int(cosh(v)/sqrt(sech(v)-sech(vm)),v=0..vm,method = _d01ajc)); I get these error messages: N3(.01); Error, (in evalf/int) unable to obtain a real result N3(.001); Error, (in evalf/int) NE_QUAD_ROUNDOFF_TOL: Round-off error prevents the requested tolerance from being achieved: epsabs = 5.0e-013, epsrel = 5.0e-010.
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