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The help page ?type/protected states:

The set of protected names in Maple can be computed with select(type, {unames(), anames(anything)}, protected).

However, the result of this computation is "time dependent". I.e. repeated execution of this command produce different sets. E.g. executed in a fresh session:

The calling sequence in ?complex states only the two argument form 'Complex(x, y)', but later in the section "Description", in a bit confusing way, two rules for the single argument form are stated:

As the discussion in this thread  did not provide me a clear understanding of the implementation and intended usage of the property 'continuous' I have looked at this subject a bit further. And as it is an underdocumented subject, it seems fit to post here some issues that I have found.

As this question stands about the relationship between 'FunctionAdvisor' and 'convert', and it seems that 'convert' is not able to make the possible conversions listed by FunctionAdvisor(specialize, ...), the following command 'fas' (FunctionAdvisor Specialize) seems a posible workaround:

I have found that once I have "ugraded" to AVG Free 8 (the antivirus of Grisoft) Maple 12 Classic GUI no longer finishes starting: the splash screen remains, the red button is on, pressing it issues "You are in the middle of a computation. Do you wish to interrupt it?". Pressing it gives me a non responsive GUI. And the task manager is required to kill the zombie proceses that remain after closing the GUI.

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