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Not only it would be desirable, but it is already implemented elsewhere as in Cadabra [quoted from its site]:

Cadabra is a computer algebra system (CAS) designed specifically for the solution of problems encountered in field theory.

Key features of Cadabra:

Because of John's answer to my last comment about a Maple wiki, I have searched first for antecedents in Maple Primes. From the many posts found in this search, I put together here what I consider the main points stated so far.

Oficial plans + technology:


May be that some other people want to use pattern-matching techniques in wrong ways or contexts. What I am interested in is much simpler and clear.

Example: http://www.mapleprimes.com/blog/jacquesc/maple-12-wish-list

Currently, with "Comment viewing options" set to 50 (the default), I see 6 comments in the 2nd page, but clicking on their links on the block "Recent Coments" send the browser (Firefox) to the top of the first page. 

Could you solve this problem?



Comments have been closed on this post since it has become difficult to follow the many threads of discusson. Please post to the MaplePrimes suggestions forum with any comments that you have on the new site

Should we repost on this forum the comments made on your blog "Welcome to the Updated MaplePrimes" ?


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