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Yesterday I have came across with this thread, while browsing the list of "Unanswered Questions". As it started quite recently (May 11) I did remember that I have posted some answers there. So I inspected it and found the already classical problem that all the answers were not taken into account just because they were classified as "Comment". Once more, I note that answering in Primes 1...

I have just seen this old thread in the "Recent" list, and, as I remember it well and because of curiosity, I have looked at it again. By browsing it, I have noted that as it stands right now, it makes little sense. As I keep a local Primes 1 backup, I have compared both and got a new unpleasant surprise to be added to the list brought by Primes 2: many posts (ten or more) in this thread, by Jacques, Joe, mine, etc, are missing, and the order of some remaining posts is altered. 

Has anyone compared timings of Maple executing under Windows XP and Windows 7? It means, with the same PC and booting in either OS.


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I know a lot of the history of Axiom (having had many talks about it with James Davenport over the last 6 months), NAG, Maple, etc.

What about if, as result of those talks, you (both?) write a comparative review about the main design ideas of either system and their impact on past and future development?

I am not receiving email notifications from subscribed threads since about two days ago, without any change on my side. Has anyone else experienced this same problem?

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