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@acer OK. I will continue to think on my own to review my initial code. Thank you

@acer Hi, my problem is connecting everything to Grading-Quiz. That's where I'm stuck. Could you guide me through the first question? I think I'll be able to continue on my own for the rest of my questions. Thank you.

@acer Thank you for this methodological advice. My basic idea is simple. For example, for question 1 on trigonometric limits, I would like to have a "show solution" button that displays the correct limit value, and a second "hint" button that displays a message like "think of Hospital's rule or limit sina/a = 1 if a-->0". Thanks !

Hi, I successfully created several random questions about limits. I would like to enhance my codes by adding procedures to display buttons like 'show solution' and 'hint' so that the student can view the correct answer. Any ideas? Thank you very much for your insights.Quizz-Limites-Jalal.mw

See the file..


@Rouben Rostamian  


Thank you for your simplified approach. Initially, I used my code for more complex quadratic shapes


@Rouben Rostamian   Great !

@Rouben Rostamian

I am trying to draw inspiration from your code for rotating a circle around a line, but the resulting figure is not correct. Perhaps I have overlooked a detail?



@acer  It s exactly my request . Thank you

@Rouben Rostamian  Thank you very much for this interesting animation. Is there a way to display the traces of the moving line during the animation? Thanks

@Kitonum Thanks for the idea. Additionally , Can we put the generatrixs in the background or animate the surface starting from the generatrixs? Thanks

@Rouben Rostamian  Thank you very much, it's a great  work. It will allow me to illustrate this geometric concept to my students.

@Thomas Richard  Thank you for the suggestion. I do use this command for my rotations. But, my goal is to use MathApp for rotations around y: The student traces any graph, and sees the volume that is generated around Y

@Axel Vogt 

The problem is always the same. The graph shows discontinuities in -1 and 1. Thanks

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