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@acer thanks

@Carl Love  @acer 26489    Thank you for your insights. Last question : How to combine your two codes to have a single table .


@Carl Love 

Hi,I come back to you for this question of the display of forbidden values in a table, ( sqrt(-1), ln(-1) for example ), and the mathematical display of functions in the first column ( sqrt (x), 1/ sqrt(x) for example)   ideas ?  Thanks


@Carl Love I imagine an educational scenario with a blank trigonometric table (to be completed by the student) before proposing the completed table as you proposed. Is there any way to do that? Thanks

@Carl Love Thanks !

@acer Thank you for your precious help. How to do if I want to substitute 'undefined' with the logic symbol (  don't exist for example) or other symbol.


@Carl Love  perfect !Thanks

@acer  Sorry !  i want to animate the final graphic with quadric surface and his principal directions. Thanks !


@vv  Just last question, how to animate my graphics ? Thanks a lot ! QuadricAnim.mw

@vv Great ! Thanks

@vv And how to add principal planes in the final graphic ? Thanks for your help

Principal planes of  "Q≡"-x^2+4*x*y-4*x*z+2*y^2-8*y*z+2*z^2-6*x+4*z-12 = 0


`≡`(`π__b,c`, -2*b+2*c)*x+b*y+cz-3*b+2*c = 0

`≡`(`π__1`, x)+2*y-2*z-1 = 0


Download PrincipalPlanes.mw


@Carl Love thanks ! 

@vv   Thanks for your code, but i have problem with the "fnew" variable 



I am trying to add an animation of the derivated function, but I have a margin problem in my display intervals 

Ideas to solve this problem?



@acer  it s exactly my objective !


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