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Hi, I am trying to illustrate the concept of solid areas, and I'm wondering if there's a way to easily develop them (representing each of their faces in two dimensions on the same plane) using Maple? Thank you for your help


Hi, I am looking to color the area between the square and the circle (similar to the shadebetween command) and, in general, to color the area between two geometric shapes. Any suggestions? Thank you.



I successfully animated my trigonometric problem on the wheel. Just a few details: 1) The 'gridlines' option deactivates when using the 'tickmarks' option. 2) The animation takes time to compile. Any suggestions? Thank you for your advice on optimizing this animation



I am looking to refine my animation. I would like to add a condition on the colors to illustrate the periodicity of the sine function: the first circle in red, and the curve in red from 0 to 2π, then the second circle in blue and the curve in blue from 2π to 4π, etc. Any ideas? Thank you very much in advance.



I need your insights on two technical questions regarding my BoxPlot:

1) How to adjust the color of the text (Title and caption)

2) How to remove only the y-axis

Thank you


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