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These are questions asked by leafgreen

For example...

Using a $2 calculator I get that rad(2470) it is approximately 49.699094.

I haven't used Maple in several months and was surprised to see that I couldn't easily search the answer to this question. Something like eval() does not work on this.

I need to plot a trajectory where the horizontal equation is x(t) = 4t and the vertical is y(t)=4t-0.5t^2

How would I plot the two equations at once to make a trajectory?

If someone could please explain how to do it (also doing it would be nice) because I'm sure I'll have to do it again.

I have the equations of a trajectory:

I am trying to study a solution so I can learn how to do this. I know the graph should look like this:

But I don't know how to plot x(t) and y(t) as a graph of y vs x.


This seems like it should be easy but I've never done this before. Please help!

I am trying to plot what seems like a simple particle trajectory along the y-axis. How would I plot a function that is just moving in a constant line along the y-axis in 3d?

I don't recall ever changing any settings in my copy of Maple 16. But for some reason, I tried to make a plot and it spit out line-printed output rather than a regular plot.

How do I change this back? I have no use for line-printed output.


plot([E1(x), E2(x), E3(x)], x = 0 .. 5, title = "Nitrogen Nucleus Second-Order Energy Shifts")

                  Nitrogen Nucleus Second-Order Energy Shifts                 
  +                                                                     HHHHH
6e-08                                                               HHHHH     
  +                                                            HHHHHH         
4e-08                                                     HHHHHH              
  +                                                  HHHHHH                   
  +                                           HHHHHHH                         
2e-08                                  HHHHHHHH                               
  +                           HHHHHHHHHH                                      
  +             HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH                                               
0 +              1    HHHHHHHHHH2HH           3              4              5
  +                               HHHHHHHHH                                   
-2e-08                                    HHHHHHHH                            
  +                                              HHHHHHH                      
-4e-08                                                 HHHHHH                 
  +                                                         HHHHHH            
  +                                                              HHHHH        
-6e-08                                                                HHHHH   
  +                                                                       HHH





Download lineprinted_fail.mw


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