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Is there a way to select then remove the x^2 alone but not in the sin( )



Hi everybody

> with(plots);
> P := implicitplot(x*y-1, x = -2 .. 2, y = -2 .. 2);
> Q := <(op(indets(P, Array))>;

                         Q := Matrix(%id = 52164504)

I right-click on the Matrix and Export As Table delimited and give it the name Data_plot.

Then I insert a spreadsheet in Maple and import Data_plot.  Everything work fine,


On a preceding post, I asked if someone could help me with a problem with the equations of a system of pulleys.  It's still an open problem.  Any ideas!  Here the file:

Download poulie3.mw


Hi everybody!


I am working with Maple 11.  I want to animate the trajectory of a body in free-falling.  I got almost everything but there is one more thing I want to animate and I can't find out what's the problem?  You will get in the following link the file I am working on and more clearer informations.  Thanks for any help!


Hi again.

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