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First, is there a simple way to write the double derivative of a function say x(t) so I will receive as output x(t) with the double quote on the top instead on writing it in a long form diff(x(t),t,t)

Secondly, I have a problem with a system of pulleys.  See if you can find where I am missing something.  Here the file:

Suppose a random m*n matrix created with the palette in Maple 11. I want to replace each instance of the number 1 by the symbolic variable "a".  Does anyone have a simple way to do it?



You will find in the attach file work that I have done in this subject.  Everything works fine when the calculation is around x=0.  But if for example I want to do it near x=4, I don't come near the value that Maple give me.  But the plot loook OK.

Is it the definition of px and qx in the file that I don't define correctly?

By the way, if you know a simple application on that subject (simple), I will be glad to learn about it


Here is what I have done in Maple 11:





My question is how theoraticly do you convert a series into a rational polynom?



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