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I would like to see the list of metrics recognize by Maple with their acornym.  For example,:

>Setup(coordinates = spherical, metric = kerr)


I was wondering if it is possible to use units in Maple so I can always check if the result I have at the end of calculation is the meter.  For example:


The answer is of course 3.10^8 m^3*kg/s^3

I try to do something with the units but I am unable to crreate something that will simplify the m/s ffactor to 1.

Any idea?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Helle everybohy,

I need to setup a metric tensor in 3-d but with the varalble r, theta and phi.  So I try this:

>with(Physics); Setup(mathematicalnotation = true, dimension = 3)

>Setup(coordinates = spherical[r, theta, varphi], metric = M)

where M is the metric that I need to use.  But the last command does not work.  Il I don't write [r, theta, varphi], it work but it's r, theta and t.

Any hint on this please?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Mario Lemelin


Hello everybody,

In the linearised theory of gravity, I want to do some symbolic calculations.  First, I need to set that:

Then I want to see how the Christoffel symbols will change by putting the above in this:

Any hint someone?  I really appreciate the help for learning the Physics package.  Thank you in advance.





I have to prove the following:

So I do not need the explicit derivative of the function Psi(r,t) . The metric is:


I am in the case of a collapsing star that emit radiation during the collapsing.  And I do not need to have a rotating black hole so that the reason I dont have dt*dr term in the metric, and I fix theta and phi.  So if you look in the Maple file attach to this post, I don't manage to obtain what I need to prove the equality between the two aspect of the same calculation.

Plese, take into account that I am sort of novice with the Physcis package and that the question is not part of an exam.

Thank you in advance for your help. 

Mario Lemelin




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