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These are questions asked by maltehenkel

Under maple 2019 (linux ubuntu) I cannot make 3d plots !



does not produce any output and also the worksheet does not react any more. The only way to get out is to quit.

Btw: 2d plots work fine ...

What is wrong ? Thank you. Bs regards, Malte.

Suppose that I make a simple plot, of a function f(x), such as  p1 := plot( 2*x+1,x=0..4,numpoints=9);

Then logically, the plot p1 contains a table with values (x, f(x)) which are plotted.

HOW can I extract that table of values from the plot p1, and write it to a data file (simple text file), so that I can process the data elsewhere (for example, for making a professional graph from them).

I had scripts who did this up to Maple 13 (or Maple V release 13, if that is the politically correct version), but they do not work anymore with more recent versions.

Many thanks !!


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