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Suppose I have the vertices of a polyhedron in a matrix and wanted to draw a stick model of it as a plot. I need to be able to specify the color of each edge. What's the best way to go about this? I've tried creating an array of pointplot3d's with connect=true and grouping them together with the display command but that doesn't seem to allow me to select colors for each edge. As an example, if you could show me how to make a line from
So I have a matrix that contains coefficients for polynomial functions and bounds for where each polynomial is defined. How do I make a piecewise out of this automatically? I could enter them by hand but the number of functions can be as high as 100. FOr example, The first row of the coefficient matrix may contain the numbers 1,2,3,4,10,11 where 1,2,3 4 would be the coefficients of the first polynomial and it would be defined from 10 to 11. Thus, if I were to enter it by hand it would look something like this: f:=x->piecwise(x>10 and x
So I have a vector X that contains my least squares coefficients. How do I incorporate these coefficients back into a polynomial function automatically using loops or the like? Right now I have to define the funciton manually f:=x-> X[1]*x^3 + X[2]*x^2..... but I want to be able to quickly vary the degree of the polynomial without having to edit the function definition by hand each time. Any geniuses out there that can help me? Thanks, Matt
How do I plot a scatter plot with a vector x and a vector y, and a function y = cos(x).... on the same axes? Please Help!!!!
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