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m 18 cubacuhre integration fail, intergrand unknown

restartprintlevel = 3binomial(7, 2); with(StringTools); FormatTime(%c)with(LinearAlgebra); with(IntegrationTools)with(numapprox); with(OrthogonalSeries); LinearAlgebra:-HermitianTranspose(3-I*7)infolevel[`evalf/int`] := 4; pie = evalf(Pi)n = 1l = 0m = 0n1 = 1l1 = 0m1 = 0alpha = 5.8alpha1 = 4.2R = .5Theta = (1/6)*PiPhi = 3*Pi*(1/4)region := [r = 0 .. infinity, theta = 0 .. Pi, phi = 0 .. 2*Pi]r1 := proc (r, theta, phi, R, Theta, Phi) options operator, arrow; (r^2+R^2-2*r*R*(sin(theta)*sin(Theta)*cos(phi-Phi)+cos(theta)*cos(Theta)))^(1/2) end proc"coef:=(l1,l2,m1,m2)->(-1)^(l1-l2) (((4 *pie *(2 l1+1)!)/((2 l1-2 l2+1)!*(2 l2+1)!))*("
"(binomial(l1+m1,l2+m2)*binomial(l1-m1,l2m2))/(binomial(2* l1,2* l2)))())^(1/(2));NN:=(n,alpha)->((2 alpha)^(n+(1)/(2)))/(((2 n)!)^((1)/(2)));  "

integrand := sum(sum(R^(l1-l2)*SphericalY(l1-l2, m1-m2, Theta, Phi)*coef(l1, l2, m1, m2)*r^(2+l+l2)*SphericalY(l2, m2, theta, phi)*LinearAlgebra:-HermitianTranspose(SphericalY(l, m, theta, phi))*NN(n, alpha)*r^(n-l-1)*exp(-alpha.r)*NN(n1, alpha1)*r1(r, theta, phi, R, Theta, Phi)^(n1-l1-1)*exp(-alpha1*r1(r, theta, phi, R, Theta, Phi))*sin(theta), m2 = -l2 .. l2), l2 = 0 .. l1)

evalf(Int(integrand, region, 'epsilon' = 0.1e-3, 'method = _CubaCuhre'));

binomial(7, 3)region4 := [x = 0 .. 10*Pi, y = 0 .. 10*Pi]

integrand4 := (cos(x)+(1/3)*sin(y))^6*(sin(y)-(1/3)*cos(x))^2

evalf(Int(integrand4, region4, 'epsilon' = 0.1e-3, 'method = _CubaCuhre'))




Download stovrlp2.mw

m 18 cubacuhre integration fail, intergrand unknown



I cannot access HELP ?orbital in the Orbital Package; it does not appear in "Science and Engineering/Orbitals" . I have followed Initialization instructions in orbitals.mw, creating "c:\MapleLibs" in Windows8 . Is libname:=libname,"c:/MapleLibs" correct? Any help on this help would be a help.With thanks,Michael Caola



The attached worksheet (xsys11demo.mw, first-order non-linear ODE system) is ~x100 (one hundred) times slower that the "same" program in Mathematica 8. Both give the same/satisfactory numerical results and have similar/identical structure (I can supply the Mathematica 8 notebook, if requested).

I assume that my attached worksheet must be sub-optimally programmed and would be grateful...

What does error message in Title mean, and how can I cure it? (I cannot copy and paste from my .ws into thie question box).

Best ragards,     Michael Caola


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