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Is there a way to tell Maple to expand a complex function in Laurent series around a point, and have it show the series expansion that are valid for different regions? Either by the user telling it which region to use, or it automatically shows all regions?

For example, given

f(z):= z-> (3*z+1)/((z-1)*(z+1))

This has a pole at z=1 and at z=-1. I want to expand this around z=1. Hence it will have Laurent series in the annulus between z=1 and z=-1, but there is also region outside z=-1 that goes to infinity. So there are two regions.

When I do


Maple gives the correct Laurent series for the region in the annulus |Z-1|<2, i.e. the first region (the one inside the two singularities).

But I want to see the expansion for different region, for |z-1|>2 (to check if I did it ok). This is what I get btw

3/(z-1) - 2/(z-1)^2 + 4/(z-1)^3 - 8/(z-1)^4 +.... 

Do I need a special package for this?

Fyi, I found this question here but it does not really answer my question. I want to speficy both the point of expansion, and also the region itself.



This is just a question on terminology. The name "combine" implies pulling terms together. Yet, when applied to something like sin(x)^2 it has the effect of expanding it:



Which seems counter-intutive to me. I tried first expand(r) but that did not expand it.

Fyi, in Mathematica the function to do the above is called


    1/2 (1 - Cos[2 x])

As Mathematica does not have a Combine[] function.

So, I am just wondering about the naming, that is all. I would never have thought first that a command called combine() will expand sin(x)^2.



I installed the shared library from http://www.maplesoft.com/applications/view.aspx?SID=1691

and it seems to have loaded ok. Now I can do

See ?share and ?share,contents for information about the share library

When browsing help, I noticed it has a function called IntSolve() for solving linear integral equations. Maple itself has function called intsolve() which is build-in.

Since Maple is case sensitive, I assumed when I type IntSolve() then it will find the shared version of IntSolve() automatically and not call Maple's own intsolve. And that is indeed what happed. I typed an example from the help on share as you can see


eq1 := p(x)-1/2*Int(x*y*p(y),y=0....1)=5/6*x;
                             ---- x
                            p(x) = x

Ok, So one of them is a little wrong :).

But suppose I want to explicitly add the share library there, in the call, as prefix, so that when I look at the code later, I can see which function I am calling. How should one do this? I tried

    Error, `share` does not evaluate to a module


The strange thing, is that this worked


Basically, all what I want is to way to add the share name to all the calls somewhere, so I know, when looking at the code, which call is from which library or package.

Any idea how to do this? So to avoid any possible name clash since the share library seems large.

I am using Maple 17.02

I am using 17.02. I looked at this question, http://www.mapleprimes.com/questions/35783-Inverse-Cosine-And-Sine-Transform but I do not understand the answer.

I have a function F(w), and want to find f(t) using inverse cosine forurier transform.

Here is F(w)

F:= w-> cos(w*L)*cos(w*x)/(w^6+w^2*k);

All parameters are positive.

How can I use the answer shown above, or another function to find f(t)?

I can offcourse simply apply the definition myself, and I did:

int(F(w)*cos(w*x),w=0..infinity) assuming positive;

but the result is

So it does not converge. And I just wanted to check using a build-in function to verify. Strange than Maple does not have these in its inttrans package.





according to this page  http://www.maplesoft.com/products/maple/new_features/codeeditor.aspx

it says "Maple 17 features a completely new editor for writing Maple code."  but for the last 15 minutes I've been looking in my Maple 17.02 for windows and not able to figure where this editor is or how to start it.

When I open Maple, I say File->New-> and nothing there for an editor.

I also looked in my Maple installation icons group, there is nothing there.

I also looked here http://www.maplesoft.com/support/help/Maple/view.aspx?path=updates/Maple17/CodeEditor

"Maple 17 features a completely new editor for writing Maple code.   The editor includes many features to make it easier to write, read, and debug Maple code, such as syntax highlighting, bracket matching, command completion, and automatic indenting. The new editor is available for managing startup code, inline code edit regions, and code attached to embedded components."

but again, does not say anything about how to START it ? Or is this editor a separate apps I need to buy?


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