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The distance from the point to the surface easily calculated using the NLPSolve of Optimization package. If the point is not special, we will find for it a point on the surface, the distance between these two points is the shortest between the selected point and the surface.
Two examples:  the implicit surface and the parametric surface.
To test, we restore the normals from the  calculated  points (red) by using analytical equations.

The Möbius strip

Variants :

The line and the curve on the surface.


Parametric equation of second-order curve in 3d. Draghilev method.



Parametric equation of a circle in 3d by three points. Draghilev method.

One way is coloring a surface on both sides. We build equidistant surface with very small radius and stain the equidistant surface in color different from the color of the original surface.
Examples coloring of surfaces on both sides.  Radius equal to abs (0.0001).

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