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    Intersection of surfaces:

x3-.25*(sin(4*x1)+sin(3*x2+x3)+sin(2*x2))=0;  (1)

(x1-xx1)^4+(x2-xx2)^4+(x3-xx3)^4-1=0;          (2)   

   Surface (1) and a set of surfaces (2). Point (xx1, xx2, xx3) belongs to (1). Moving along the surface (1), we compute its intersection with the surface (2).
   The program is very simple and its algorithm can be used for many other combinations of equations.

The classical Draghilev’s method.  Example of solving the system of two transcendental equations. For a single the initial approximation are searched 9 approximate solutions of the system.
x01 := -1.; x02 := 1.;

Equation: ((x1+.25)^2+(x2-.2)^2-1)^2+(x3-.1)^2-.999=0;

Cam mechanism animation.   Equation:  (xx2-1.24)^10+5*(xx1-.66)^10-9.=0

Transformation and

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