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Hi everybody,

I am using Maple 14 in document mode. Recently I encountered the problem with exporting polish special characters (like ąęćłóńśźż) into PDF file. Maple 14 just omits them. Why?

Hello, I was trying to plot some graph in Maple.

I wanted to plot few lines decorated with circles, boxes, etc.

Finally I created that figure: http://www.rafalnowak.pl/upload/exampleChebyshev.png

I did by combining plot and point commands into display procedure.

Here is an sample:

Hi, I am writing my output using printf(...) procedure. Sometimes I would like to use bold font. Is it possible to interfere with maple 10, like this kernelopts(.... turn bold on :-) .....) printf("something in bold\n"); kernelopts(.... turn bold off :-) ....) printf("something not in bold\n"); Is any way to do this?
Hello, how to write function such inc or succ in Pascal. This code inc := proc(x) x := x+1; return x; end proc; A := 10; inc(A); gives an error Error, (in inc) illegal use of a formal parameter
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