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I am trying to import about 1400 data entries from a .txt file in a vector. The file contains three columns of data, and I need to export only one of them. I tried using readdata command, however I get an error; I might not be specifying the path of the file correctly. What is the right way to specify the filename path using readdata command on mac? Apart from readdata command, are there any other options? Thanks in advance, SDK
I want to import about 1400 data entries from an excel 2008 spreadsheet into a vector form in Maple12. I saved the excel data in .txt format, and used ImportData command to import some of the data in Maple12 spreadsheet. This approach works for a limited number of data entries because the maximum number of rows in Maple12 spreadsheet is 100, so I cant use it for a larger number data entries. To my knowledge, ImportData stores info as an rtable-Vector or Matrix. I also know that some information is stored in placeholders. How can I access the information stored in placeholders?
I cannot find a way to create a Gaussian fit to a histogram in Maple12. For creating the histogram I am using the following: > Loading Statistics > Loading plottools > Loading plots
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