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Hello guys,

I have some problems with plugging in a metric ansatz to some tensorial terms.



I am wondering how we can edit a diagram plotted in maple. for example in I want name tips of diagram as "a", "b",.... and write them besides the tips on diagram.

Another question is how we can make color different parts of a single diagram by various colors? for example in above diagram we want make blue vertical line, make green horizontal line and make black the curve line?

Thanks a lot

Hi guys ,

i computed a tensorial term with respect to a metric and i think i made mistake !! what do you think ?

Best Regards



Hi guys ,

i have a manifold ( schwarzschild spacetime ) which want to find Gibbons-Hawking boundary term.


Thanks in advance


I want to know is maple helpful to find a cjange coordinate to transform an old coordinate to a new coordinate? details are attached to the file:

Thanks guyz

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