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hi guys,

i having trouble solving 3 equations with 3 unknowns. in fact i have 3 independent unknowns p,v,w and 1 dependent unknown t, i want to plot p(t)! actually in a simple system of equations one can solve p(t) analytically and then plots it but in a complicated system of equations it is impossible to solve p(t) analytically. i consider a simple system of equations in attachment to understand the procedure of ploting the solutions of a system of equations numerically.


Hello guys,

I have three equations with three unknowns that I can not solve but my friend solved it with Mathematica, but I do not know how to get answers with Maple.

hey gauys,

I have a problem with solving an equation. How can i obtain an analytical solution for that ?




HI Guys,


i have a problem with evaluating a tensorial term,





I have some problems with small perturbations around background solutions and obtaining linearized equations.

I know how to perturb a metric (tensor) with maple but i dont know how to use it for obtaining other perturbed equations.


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