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hello guys , i have a metric and i want to find its non-zero components of ricci tensor but i have problem with writing the metric and maple gave me error.

hello , i have a metric that i know its ricci scalar (R=2m^2-2w^2), but maple obtains zero. i dont know where is my problem.



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Hello guys , i have a matrix that i want to find its eigenvalues , i have its answer but maple calculations didnt give its anwer.


m and q can bu any number

maple calculation :




thank you guys

Hello guys ,

I found critical points for a 3-D dynamical system (x,y,z) and m which in general is not constant (m(z/y) is a function of z.y, when i calculate eigenvalue for every critical point ,the maple assume m constant . how i find eigenvalues for general m which is not constant and is a function of z/y .

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