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Suppose particle A moves in counter-clockwise circular motion about the origin with radius 3,
 completing one revolution every time interval.  Particle B is in counter-clockwise circular 
orbit  about particle A with radius 1/2, completing 12 revolutions every time interval.  Find
 a  possible  parameterization of the path of particle B for one complete time interval.  
Animate your solution.  

The original function is 6x^2+5x-4/2x^2-7x-4. The equation of the line which is tangent to the curve at the point (0,1) is -12/35x - 1/35. Is this correct? I used the command Tangent(f(x),x=-3). The equation of the line which is normal to the curve at the point (-3,1). is 35/12 + 39/4 . Is this correct?

I am trying to plot a function and its horizontal and vertical asyptotes into one graph. I have been trying but unable to get the results I need. I am getting too many Maple errors. What is the correct way to do this? The function is : 6x^2+5x-4/2x^2-7x-4. The asymptotes are y=3,x=-1/2,

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