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@Carl Love I didn't know so only I put like that to explain and ask you the way I wanted 

@Carl Love One change is in the above proc x and y will be function with return value.

Function F and Function G say Then F(parameter) &op G(parameters) the &op is done on the return values of these function The function needs to take two functions as parameters.

So if call Anyop with F1,F2,'*' it will do F1*F2    these F1 and F2 are other function which are defined.

Suppose i call with F1,F3,'+'n it will do F1+F2 for the returned values of F1 and F2

AnyOp:= proc(`&op`, Function::F1, Function::F2) It is worng may be kind help with how to approch this.

Thank you 

@dharr is their anyway to directly write row by row into excel as I get the list output of each row.

Rather than forming the matrix and then exporting

@Carl Love 

I am not able to export the below done matrix into excel properly if possible kind help

actually one more matrix i have also such size it is not exporting properly


Matrix(83, 16, [[138, 404, 854, .4364583333, 7.236382104, 5084, 25.71666667, 2.190628816, 33.45543346, 512.6298464, 28.15000000, 2.072114828, 48, 232, 120, 52.15172132,138, 404, 854,

[many lines deleted by moderator - matrix is in worksheet in reply by @dharr]

38.67543290, 1.955158967, 106, 499, 210, 83.78698428,142, 350, 724, .8428571429, 7.236382104, 3692, 31.29523810, 3.384820735, 34.84425852, 428.5592785, 38.67543290, 1.955158967, 106, 499, 210, 83.78698428]])


Come like this inside with error when i open






Kind help Please

@Carl Love if I could get help 

Only difference now is I have made a single function just to return all the values

It will return different based on parameters passed

Any way to tweak the program

For now what I did is to declare the returning variables global

I didn't want to create a separate thread 

If possible help sir

I have a set of inputs to function F

That is M1,M2,M3,...MN these are Graphs that is of type Graph from Graph theory

for i from 1 by 1 to n

L=F("at each run I want the Mi it should call the relavent input of Mi how to pass")


Thus function F for each run will output the different A,B,C,D,E,F... based on the input then Matrix

This loop also how to Mi I have a doubt with i changing only 

M1 first time, M2 second time,.   .MN last time

n value will be given

Kind help that you

@dharr now to convert to maple a small example with pysmiles 

@dharr I need a Maple Graph from smiles I want the connectivetity graph but I want it here via maple code

@mmcdara I know linear fit 

But as you said stepwise regression, ridge regression etc are further need help to do stepwise regression or ridge regression

I have a excel Data one dependent variable and several dependant variable find the best fit with good R^2 , p-value small by picking the best set of independent variable to fit the dependent variable

@Preben Alsholm Thank you sir After appending in the above example form I am not able to properly see in Excel after exporting kindly help if you can take only the above two matricies after export to excel it is not opening properly

See How NUM is coming instead of those as in my example

kind help with only those two should may be work for all those of that type

kind help

@acer It is a SSD system but it is stalling my system kind help what should i check

@mmcdara i am asking for rtable


We may have 100 of calls of the same function for different inputs

Each calls ouput should be in the next row based on the order in which i call in the rtable


I could even have a different procedure with different outputs generated

O1, O2, O3... O8 etc too


@acer i have scattered other points on 3d plot and the same regression plane as it is

To tell the meaning of the points

I need to place the a legend type for neat on the side of the chart not at the top or bottom 

@acer Thank you for your great help. I would like to acknowledge for the.

How can i put legend or in the sense caption to the right or left side by the chart

@acer Their no legend option in 3D i feel

I saw your typesetting but i am doing mistakes


Kind help to get a correct way to get a legend for the red solidspheres at the to as a to the left of the chart.


I saw some post but i got errors.


Kind help

@acer I want to tell what data is in the legend what that box means in word



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