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Scaling by range


For each each element of column

Is more type of normalization kind help 

Kind help please 

Kind help with a user defined function 

ScalLinearFit which takes the same pameters as Fit but the difference is 

It does the scalings automatically where is required

And it should also output what scaling has been done to which columns 

It calls the Fit command inside it without occurrence of the error


I hope you meant to scale in independent variable from the code.

But what could be condition at which scaling be required for the data 

Is it when it is more by 10^7 like any thresorld you can help.

So that i could scale my inpendent when such thing happens alway



By chance I have a print in function on some requirement may be

Why is the print function of a function not called getting exceuted.


I attach a code toy worksheet help to correct. as per your guidance

Here I want the code to excecute either function A or B randomly

But my output excutes from both I dont get my error.



Say I have

first function is 

A( Graphln,k)

second function


Third function 


The functions with me will have function names proper ones

now my  new function will choose only one of the above function calls at random 

@Mac Dude 

I have windows

1) How to call a python program from maple code

2) How to call a maple code from python

Not getting an idea


If this code is fast

I need to understand where can I place my function call with the (x,y) or (x,y,z) say each coming that is 2 element subsets, three element subsets

Can you guide


Currently I have some 100

Actually it can be 500

But let us say for now 300

Any method of your choice sir need not be for loops 

Basically I need to execute some set of work as I get each combination and I don't want to store them 

@Carl Love 

Manually by observing the data

1) A function to find 

If I need pairwise product between a  few columns in the excel sheet only

Which I choose maximum 10 at a time.

@Carl Love 

I am looking to find actually the 2 way product on the coulmns based on whether the 

Columns in my data are correlated or not as at times interaction effects I may need to consider hope you got the correct picture sir of why I require the 2 way product then based on multicollinearlity some columns may be removed As I am trying then to do stepwise regression on that data with test and train.

As I am not able to get a proper code in Maple which is perfectly correct to get Best subsets and stepwise i plan to get these interaction then do the regression outside using various softwares and try

If I get a very much proper code with the validation is correct it will be great.

If such conditions can be checked via maple code itself it will be great.

I have attached a small sample data

I have put some demo data and headers here which is similiar of a real sitituation


@dharr will check thank you sir 


Kind help sir in the walks problem of mine 

Kind help sir 

I am asking for 

Minimum length closed walk from a vertrex v which passes through all vertices of G and ends at v it's length.

Here I talk of a walk edges and vertices can repeat.

If any further details required will provide

Closed walk length edges and vertices can repeat.

Minimum length.

Kind help please the answer will be 200% acknowledged

@Carl Love 

The closed walk from a vertex uwhich passes through all vertices with minimum edges is what it means. The number of edges is what it should return.

For vertex 7 above it is 10.

Acutally for all vertices in the above example it will be 10.

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