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@Thomas Richard 

I had purchashed here through sales I didnt know the Toolboxes only with their versions and it doesnt uporaged automatically.

Now that I have purchased QCT in Feb 2023 when QCT 2022 was only existing and no QCT 2023.

Now that their is a significatant improvement in QCT 2023 which is released just 3 months from my purchase.

Now my issuse is if upgrade my Maple 2022 to 2023 will my QCT get a auto upgrade as it is only 3 months my purchase

@David Mazziotti 

Respected sir

Has the QCT 2023 released 

@Carl Love 

I deleted my previuos reply because i wanted to post that as new thread as was suggested but

As when I started as new thread it was deleted


So post here  


Given a subGraph H of a Circulant graph we need to find a particular type of labeling which can give us the IsoCovers by rotations

If any extra details required the same can be provided too.


The details given in below pdf

this time I attach as Pdf as It was typed in Latex and then corverted to PDF due to much mathematical typing . And those images where in Latex already with me. So only attach as PDF this time.


Hope to get your guidance and support kind help

Complete graphs are also circulant graphs so one example of H as K_{2,2,2} and G as a complete graph $K_{13}$

@Carl Love 


Which copy of C_4 represents with respect to which vertex if that can be told it will be great


Now put a new G and a new H it is taking sometime attached the same code with the new G and H



Is it possible to print each IC cover set as it comes , as full excecution may take time I dont know if it is possible

Kind help

@Carl Love 

Respected sir,

I attach PDF file can we Generalize the code to do this attached a PDF file of requirment and even an example

Sorry for little delay due to personal reasons and functions , today my birthday.

General requirment to change K_n to any G


An Example for the same for better understanding


Kind help please

@Carl Love 

For the Graph H inputed we should not stick to the vertex labels inputed

What we can do is to fix one edge set say {1,2}

using all the Graph H with {1,2} as edge label in $K_n$

we need to see what will be  ISoCovers then we will be able to do each of the H what contain {1,2}

If no IsoCovers get enlisted with edge {1,2} in its Graph H 

Implies the non-existence ISoCovers For graph H.

We may need add something their.

Any way within the code.

Kind help

@Carl Love 

Sorry it should be n

Kind help sir to modify code please with a new worksheet

If this can done I much general problem in hand which can also be done I feel which can be done

@Carl Love 

I attach a PDF file Using the above idea can the below word file problem can it be solved

I have represted as a problem similiar to the above.

Can it be solved using the similiar idea kind help.



Expalnation given via example

If more details of explanation I can provide

Graphs are drawn and explained

Kind help

File attached of explanation with example



Instead of 

# Output the index(es) of entries in gL for which the
# isomorphism is true

help me store the graphs in set say S all these graphs which are isomorphic to T

I tried but where that if condition I should insert the union code so that it stores the graphs instead of index.


Kind help to tweak


The answer is correct.

But I am trying add one more condition to catogorize it isnt working for me dont know why kind help

ListTools:-Categorize((x, y) ->(( x[1] = y[1]) and numelems(select(member,x,y))=1), L)

That is I want to ristict in the same way [ not only the first element same but the number of elements between pairs  in the  intersection between the sets will be only 1]

All such pairs to the catogirized and removed

The result is not coming out the way required when i use the command


Need to code in maple as most of my already done codes in maple

The idea is 

1) S be a subset of V

2) we need to check two conditions

     i) is N[S]=V.   That is closed neighbourhood

Store these in a Set D once condition one is only satisfied 

    ii) second no proper subset of this S should have N[S]=V

Then one way to do condition ii) may from D find all those sets within D whose supersets are not in D itself and make it as M 

Store such minimal sets in a set say M if both condition one and two are both satisfied 

We need to return both D and M sets

So that we can operate on these sets later via functions

Kind help someone please good way to do this 

Will be acknowledged it is a very useful code 

Kind help 

@Carl Love 

Attached the code after pasting the above code shared in my maple worksheet I see it gving some error In my input not able to identify the error and correct kind help.

Attached code



What we see is how many minimal dominating sets are their which contain a v. For each vertex v is what we are looking at.

nm(v) is the number of minimal dominating sets which contain v.

@Carl Love  Please find the attached toycode sir.

kind help to improve code or is this ok.

Is their "STANDARD TYPE" of scaling or normalizing data which you know sir other than those mentioned here then kindly share the same.

As my current independent variables seem to highly correlated and R^2 is not increasing above 0.3.

Your inputs may help me sir.

One thing is how to suppress the output in side the for loop in the code attached I have tried 

putting : and then ; etc but it doesnt work I dont know where i am doing the error.

Toy sheet attached below


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