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@nm  It will give one , It will not work


This is from the same vertex to the same vertex


After converting to decimal places it should not show zero's at the end of the decimal places. 

Second I want it only for the matrices I want and not for the entire code 



To modify code to a new code

Where I don't want the paths 

I just need the longest length matrix only 

In a weighted graph G



The above program looks good but 

Will the program work on a weighted graph


If not can it be tweaked to do so 


 Finding the Matrix of all pairs longest path in a weighted graph G


Where are the position (u,v) in the matrix weighted path lengths value will come.


If all weights are one it is normal graph.


Kind help best program will surely surely be acknowledged this time 1000% acknowledgement will be done


Please please help 


Matrix is sufficient 

Please kind help 

@Carl Love 

Kind help with a few modifications in your code kind as I am not that good to understand the standard of your programming in your answer.

1) It would be good I could a function seperate from above for all A's with cu and cv given from outside as inputs and we get the values

As I get more cases of cu and cv attached in pdf for now


one more metric if possible to add like in this List combine and multiple by a rule - MaplePrimes

Here we take elements in list as of the form [cu,cv] if uv is an edge in G and using that list we do the operations as the above thread whose answer is perfectly correct

2) I would have a list of 1000's of graphs that is list of graphs say G1 is a list of graphs then I need to input and I find a matrix of output with each row corressponding to the metrics I am find for a single graphs

Like that each row for each graph here first column coulumn will be for first  metric values for all graphs , second column will be for second metric values for all graphs and so on 

3) A header columns will have the names A0 , A1 like that names of the metrics which one is it.

Please Please help sir it will help me a lot please I always acknowledge and try to ask so that i acknowlege the work if others have take time 

if it is not permitted to branch I am not able to.

Please help me sir please

Kind help please with a modified worksheet

I have real confidence on your sir so only kind help

@Kitonum the right side of the delimiter may be float number too

How to convert them nested to string each element so that i can then apply 

Actually I also require the element before the delimiter in a seperate list.

@Carl Love 

Kind help to share maple worksheet

in the product symbol it looks like need to do the product like thjs 

In A[11] and A[12]

1) number of times cu+cv occurs in A[11]  , for A[12] number of times cu*cv occurs
2) To multiple the number value of (cu+cv)  or (cu*cv)  by the number of times it occurs based on the case

3) Then to multple the all these that is in the above

If we take say (cu*cv) that is A[12]

(3*(2)) *(3*(6))*(3*(2))*(2*(4))*(2*(5))*(1*(7))*(5*(1)) = need this value

Here we can observe 3 is the number of times 2=(cu*cv) occurs 

3 is the number of times 6=(cu*cv) occurs

similiary 5 is the number of times 1 occurs so on

If we take say (cu+cv) that is A[11]

(3*(2)) *(3*(6))*(3*(2))*(2*(4))*(2*(5))*(1*(7))*(5*(1)) = need this value

Here we can observe 3 is the number of times 2=(cu+cv) occurs 

3 is the number of times 6=(cu+cv) occurs

similiary 5 is the number of times 1 occurs so on

Kind help

For A[13],A{14],A[15] change product to summation over the edges and typo error from my side I apologize sincerly for that please

Kind help please I aplogize Please

Please help with maple worksheet so that i can cross verify and immdetality acknowledge in all please help 

The answer here was correct but first i did list then this  Type of Products given a list - MaplePrimes to do this

 3*(2)) *(3*(6))*(3*(2))*(2*(4))*(2*(5))*(1*(7))*(5*(1)) = need this value  to find A[11] and A[12]

@acer I am sorry next time will not do so

I have done some code looks lengthy and bad coding 

My terms inside A are not becoming float when in fractions directly especially in those where divison is involved how to make them float.

A doesnt look like matrix how to print A such that I can see all 15 values to verify

Can someone verify the correctness of my code and improve my code.Try_Degree_based.mw  Kind help to simplyfy code

@Carl Love 

You are correct unweighted is sufficient

Kind help please

As this is going to be a part of another code where the graphs are weighted

As their will be other functions

So it takes weighted graphs 


Now if I have a set of sets like 


Now remove all  subsets inside the set S which will contain the elements in the above output

And store in it in an new set like 


Now let 


For the above example 

@David Mazziotti 

Respected sir

When can I except the update sir 

I hope the molecular geometry and the bond existence will be directly taken care from smiles.

@David Mazziotti 

Kind help with how to get  the "table output" as usual given by BondDistances for the molecule got after adding the new bonds say.

I tried to add BondDistances(mol, bonding) to get bonddistance but got error

I get error 

Error, (in QuantumChemistry:-BondDistances) Set or list must have two items


One more is their anyway we can label the atoms in plot of the molecules for a verification purpose for any of my future coming molecules as by chance a bond between two atoms are missing and their are two or more atoms of same type to know the numbers to add the bond kind help.

Here i mean label with their indices 1 or 2 like that as they are unique 


Respected sir,

I tried to run the code with the Excel sheet as data the program gave error kind help to tweak code

Program with excel sheet command and errors it gave: TrainTest_and_ModelSelection_2.mw

Excel data sheet used:  analysis.xls

Kind help please to run with above data

I tried to somehow to import the excel data

Can we use some kind of database connectivity or create a dummy Excel sheet for the run and retrive as data becomes lager need some help to recode for that requirement

55 columns

Error, object too large in $

in Family_code

Please help please any help i will give thumbsup please help please

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