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@Carl Love I have made sure all vertices are of degree 3 or more will further check as per your guidance and get back

@Carl Love will try installing the package using commands in my maple 2022

@Carl Love  attached code

1) I require the edges of graph like a edge set as usual as the output graph from IsLabeledIsomorphicSubgraph

If more explanation that it can extracted from the output I see.




If I am doing any mistake in the way I am using please advice me so that I use it properly.


Kind help with your advice any other details will provide.


Please pardon me if any mistakes in english interpretation. I apologize.


2) Can their be a way to retrieve all possible graphs of the shape of G1 in G2 with those vertex labels.

@Carl Love kind help with our own combination program which checks each pick and checks condition and picks only othose satisfaction of that property that is there IslabeledSubgraphIsomorphic we have given here so that I don't pick all and again check

Any advice or ideas I will taken I apologise for any mistakes in my English and interpretation 

@Carl Love G1 is the smaller graph and G2 is the larger as in function we will take 

I am sorry to write by switching the roles 

@Carl Love Using the above function tweaked like

IsLabeledIsomorphicSubgraph:=proc(G1,G2)   as input from the possible edges of G2 what are possible edges of the size of edges G1 which are isomorphic to G1 so that instead of choosing all possible edges of size of G1 and fininding those IsLabeledIsomorphicSubgraph.

Can we write our own combination function such that it picks checks if it is IsLabeledIsomorphicSubgraph and stores those satisfied graphs or edgeset in other set.

Kind help


@Carl Love I am sorry next time will not repeat I will learn more how to make in maple Input as this this i just selected the code and from the combo box I put maple input it changed to red. I didnt want to hurt you I sincerely apologize please. I apologize.

Please pardon I didnt know the textbox highligthed I will by myself make sure all is correct.

@Carl Love In the above code I run now in recently purchaced Maple 2022

I am getting an error I dont know why prog.mw

@Carl Love Thank you

Will surely acknowlege

@Carl Love 

I give another set U={{1,2},{1,3},{2,3},{4,5},....}

if say 1 is E1, 2 is E2, 3 is E3, ...... etc

From a set of sets S you want to extract all L-subsets as lists (ordered pairs)   such that 

  1. Intersections are size 1 if they are a  pair in the set U otherwise they mutually disjoint sets. That is taking the U above E1 and E2 will have one intersection like that. Intersection of E1 and E4 is disjoint as {1,4} is not in U say.
  2. Every element of S occurs in exactly 2 of fhe sets.


@Carl Love 

To explain more neatly

Let S be a set S={E1,E2,E3,E4,.....,Ek}  where E1 is a set of edges, E2 is another set of edges etc.

that like E1={{1,2},{2,3},..}, E2={{3,4},{1,2},....} , now we need to pick all possible  distinct sets of  size L  from the k sets of S such that the 

{E1,E2,E3,....,EL} are one intersection  with each other in other.

Ei intersect Ej is exactly one edge in common for i  not equal to j    where i, j varies from 1 to L.

Extra condition every edges occurs only twice in that collection.

F is the function which takes to parameters set S and L.

F(S,L)  then returns all possible sets which are such that {E1,E2,E3,....,EL} are having excatly one intersection between each other and edge occurs exactly twice only.







Here we can observe each edge occurs twice exactly only and intersection between any two is exactly one.

Kind help .


@Carl Love 

Now given set S above 

Kind help if possible to give a function

F(S) Give the set S as input

So it outputs the graph G say based on the definition of adjaceny by @lcz kind help if possible 

Let G have the E1,E2 etc as vertex labels.

Then I can go for all possible cliques may be 

@Carl Love kind help other set theory operation too once done

@Carl Love I have purchased 2022 research licence today in two days they said I will get the further procedure once done will check and revert back to you sir 200%

Your encouraging is important for my purchase too

@Carl Love by just seeing the code my requirement

A function say 

Let G1 is subgraph of G2 so G1 number of vertices is less than G2

So in L I am going to give a set L from the vertices of G2 so size number the number of  vertices of G1

Now I want to see with the vertices set L which I will input in to the function whether a graph isomorphic to G1 exits in G2 with those labels 

Which vertex is adjacent to which is  are immaterial it is only that does their exists graph of shape G1 in G2 with the vertex labels only in the set L.

IsLabeledIsomorphicSubgraph:= proc(G1::Graph, G2::Graph,L)
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