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i count the number among group
but when the list a large such as over 1000 records, the count will be over 30,000
use which denominator to find probability?
is there any functions in maple for this case?
correlationlist1 := [[1,2,3],[1,3,5]....]:
PAB := Matrix(50):
for ii from 1 to nops(correlationlist) do
 for jj from 1 to nops(correlationlist[ii]) do
  for kk from 1 to nops(correlationlist) do
   for qq from 1 to nops(correlationlist[kk]) do
    if ii <> kk then
     PAB[correlationlist[ii][jj],correlationlist[kk][qq]] := PAB[correlationlist[ii][jj],correlationlist[kk][qq]] + 1: # group to group relations
    end if:

If there is a list


how to use correlate function?

assume [1,2] and [2,1] count as 2 

when find correlation between 1and 2

and how about 

if [1,2] and [2,1] are different

first position as key

means 1 relate with 2 count as 1 case for 1 only

[2,1] count as 1 case for 2 only


How to convert "123" into integer 123

i use sprintf %d still can not convert to integer

If input a group of outputs which are binary numbers

can it simplify to give a logic that can output these outputs

If input ["1","1","2","2","2","77"]

output a graph such as

1 has 2 times

2 has 3 times

77 has 1 time

"01000001" is A

how convert string of binary into a characters?


how to convert this string into 65 too?

Primetable :=table[(2=b,3=c)]

so far, hard code in above code

is there a generic code for general

according alphabet order 5=d,7=e etc


is 2^2

it has power

how to get 2 only

If I pass "a := x + y;"

as a string

can it turn to command?

if so, can it export this feature into c# or python?

how to count the number of decimal places if input a decimal number

i use

A -> B

B -> C

would like to find A -> C directly from A -> B and B -> C

but logic table show that AND(A->B, B->C) is not equal to A -> C

and (A->B) -> (B->C) is not equal to A -> C too

which logic operations can do this?

because do not want to use result to verify and because i do not know the result in the beginning

I could keep on using the commands 




but then this is not helpful because I do not get non-isomorphic graph each time and there are repetitions. So any other suggestions would be very helpful. 

for example

func1 := proc(system1)

for i from 1 to 100 do

solve([system1[1], system1[2]],[x,y]);


end proc:


func1([diff(y,t) = data[i+t+1], diff(x,t) = data[i+t+1]])

i is depend on the for loop inside a function, but woud like to pass this system into a function with i

this will cause error

how to write better for passing a system as parameter using variable inside a function?

this can get a list of X1,X2,B2,X3,X5

propositionsentence := MM(AA("it", "run"), "maple"):

but this can not get "it", "run", "maple"

how to do this in case this in maple 12?

i use optimization package with constraint hello >= 0

Minimize(xx=0, {hello >= 0})

but solution only return the case when hello = 0

how about hello > 0?

i would like to find all possible set of solutions using this constraint

do i need to set upper bound, such as {hello <= 7, hello >=0}

can it return solution when hello = 1.1, 1.2, ...2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, ....7

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