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> w0 := 2*pi*sqrt(5)*10^9;
> mu0 := 4*pi*10^(-7); pi := 3.14; wepnorm := 4*pi*sqrt(3)*10^9; wmpnorm := 2*pi*sqrt(6)*10^9; wmpz := 4*pi*10^9; w := 10;
> k0 := w0/c; d := 10^(-9);
> enorm := e0*(1-wepnorm^2/w^2); munorm := mu0*(1-wmpnorm^2/w^2); mz := mu0*(1-wmpz^2/w^2); c := 3*10^8; e0 := 8.85*10^(-12);
> t1 := enorm*mz/(e0*mu0)-1; t2 := mz/munorm;
> eq1 := alpha0^2+t2*k1z^2-t1*k0^2;
for alpha0 from 0 to 25 by 5 do



Error, (in plot) found points with fewer or more than 2 components


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how we can solve an ode with boundaries by using RK4 and any other technique??

how we can solve an ode with exat soltuion n calculate the unknw constant which aries after solving an ode.???



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     Parallel curves on surfaces. The distance between the points of the curves is measured along the curves of intersection of the surface and perpendicular planes.
     (According to tradition, it also does not make sense.)




I'm running into a very simple problem with the way that Maple integrates Heaviside functions. Naively, it should act like a step function, but it is not integrating properly. See the attached document.

int(int(Heaviside(-x^2-y^2+1), x = -1 .. 1), y = -1 .. 1)



evalf(Int(Heaviside(-x^2-y^2+1), [x = -1 .. 1, y = -1 .. 1]))



int(piecewise(-x^2-y^2+1 > 0, 1, 0), [x = -1 .. 1, y = -1 .. 1])




Note that the symbolic integration of the Heaviside function (defined to be 1 inside the unit circle and 0 outside) gives zero, whereas it should clearly give the area of the unit circle, which the numerical integration does. I even checked that the (suposedly equivalent) piecewise definition symbolically evaluates to the area, and it, too, gets the right answer.

Anyone have any clue as to why the symbolic integration of this Heaviside function is so wrong? My understanding is that if we do the integral as two nested 1D integrals, the returned function (as a function of y) is zero everywhere except at y=0, but that result cannot be right either.




      General description of the method of solving underdetermined systems of equations. As a particular application of the idea proposed a universal method of calculation for all kinds of linkage (lever) mechanisms. With the description and examples.
      The method can be used for powerful CAD linkages.

Description: Calculation_method_of_linkages.pdf


Or all in one

        Some examples of a much larger number calculated by the proposed method. Examples gathered here not to look for them on the forum and opportunity to demonstrate the method.  Among the examples, I think, there are very complicated.



Round := proc(x,n::integer:=1)
end proc:

roundcoeffs1:=proc(p,x,n:=1) local t,c;
c:=map(Round, [coeffs(p,x,t)],n);
add(i, i = zip(`*`, c, [t]));


roundcoeffs1(ggg, [y^3, c*A*y^3, c*A*y^2, c*y*B, c*A*y, c*B, y^2, y, c*A, c*B*y^3, c*B*y^2], 4);

Error, (in sprintf) number expected for floating point format


theta := Complex(1,1);
Minimize(theta^3-3*(A*theta^2+B), {0 <= theta^3-3*(A*theta^2+B)}, assume = nonnegative)

Error, (in Optimization:-NLPSolve) complex value encountered

from mathematica,


n = 5;
CalabiYau[z_, k1_, k2_] := Module[{z1 = Exp[2Pi I k1/n]Cosh[z]^(2/n), z2 = Exp[2Pi I k2/n]Sinh[z]^(2/n)}, {Re[z1], Re[z2], Cos[alpha]Im[z1] + Sin[alpha]Im[z2]}];
Do[alpha = (0.25 + t)Pi; Show[Graphics3D[Table[ParametricPlot3D[CalabiYau[x + I y, k1, k2], {x, -1, 1}, {y, 0, Pi/2}, DisplayFunction -> Identity, Compiled ->False][[1]], {k1, 0, n - 1}, {k2, 0, n - 1}], PlotRange -> 1.5{{-1, 1}, {-1, 1}, {-1, 1}}, ViewPoint -> {1, 1, 0}]], {t, 0, 1, 0.1}];


n := 5;

z1 := exp(2*3.14*I*k1/n)*cosh(z)^(2/n);
z2 := exp(2*3.14*I*k2/n)*sinh(z)^(2/n);

alpha = (0.25 + t)Pi;

xx := Re(z1);
yy := Re(z2);
uu := cos(alpha)*Im(z1) + sin(alpha)*Im(z2);


where k1, k2, alpha are variables


i find algcurve has implicitize

how to use this implicitize to find 3d surface?

is there any other method to find?


i searched groebner basis can do this, but in mathematica is different from maple example

i got this error in window 8 in surface 2  then follow this post and install again still error

then follow

then follow and install again same error

and install again same eror

then i add option -f c:\Program File (x86)\MapleXX in cmd and then no error any more 

but no install succeed 

where it go, it still not install

then i try again, there is no room enough to install,  hard disk do not have enough space, then i go to c:\Windows\Temp, after deleted file in it, still not enough space


i find

but template do not state how to activate later

how to write this template and how to clear the temp file created by previous failed cmd install method



Let, fixed an integer i and 1<=j<=2^{i}-1, for each x and y in [0,1] let the following mapping

Then, with the above procedure we can obtained, for a fixed i, all the mappings for j=1,...,2^{i}-1


However, How can I to evalute the "components" of the above procedure? For instance, I can not to compute CreaF(2)[1](0.35,0.465) (i.e., the first function in the "vector" CreaF(2), in x=0.35, y=0.465). 


Thanks very much for your time.


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