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This feature makes it easy for you to share mathematics with people worldwide. You can now upload your Maple documents to a MapleNET server for free. This allows you to share your interactive Maple documents with people worldwide, even to people who do not have a copy of Maple; all they need is a web browser. Read on to learn more about the new features.

Hi everyone! I want to thank Tom Lee for inviting me to join the MaplePrimes community. I feel very enthusiastic about the creative potential of this wonderful collaborative resource and want to take a moment to introduce myself. My first blog post includes a brief biography and states some of my Maple plans and research goals.
Dr. Sarah J. Greenwald, Appalachian State University, and Dr. Andrew Nestler, Santa Monica College have put together a site about mathematics and The Simpsons,including an exhaustive list of all math references on the show, relevant images, and the math background of the writers. They use this material to introduce concepts, motivate students and reduce math anxiety, apparently. Aside from its potential educational value, it's fun. See Simpson's Math. eithne
The Maple Conference is the annual user conference held in Waterloo, Canada. For 2006, the dates are July 23-26. The conference information page contains the initial details.
The Maple 10 Quick Reference Card is now available as a downloadable, printable version from the Maplesoft website. UNIX, Macintosh and Windows versions are all available. The quick refernce card is also available with Maple 10 in electronic form and contains a summary of important concepts and commands. To see the Quick Reference Card inside Maple, go to Help>Quick Reference.
I did a Google search for +maple (I was trying to count how many blogs on Primes Google knew about - a lot!). And then I glance over at the "Sponsored links" over on the right hand side, and what do I see but a link to Could it be that they have actually bought the word maple for their AdSense keywords? I tried a few other queries, even re-trying the one above, and that link did not come up again. Very odd. So it looks like it was some kind of Heisenbug. None of my ``obvious'' Google searches came up with any sponsored links from either Maplesoft or Wolfram Research (lots of page hits, more often of ``friendly'' sites than the corporate site).
FYI, Maplesoft has just released a patch for Maple 10. You can download the patch through the "Check for Updates" in Maple 10's "Tools" menu.
Here are some screenshots of Functioning Maple V R1 DOS demo (circ. 1991).
Respond to questions in the "How Do I? (Newbie)" or the "How Do I" forums and you will be eligible to win this great shirt.
Since I was walking around the conference with my Nikon D70 hanging around my neck, many people asked me how they will be able to view the photos that I took at the conference.
The second day of the 2005 Maple conference was another busy day at Wilfred Laurer University. The day began with an excellent keynote presentation from Dr. Richard Gran, the CEO of Mathematical Analysis Company. His talk began with him recalling his days working on the Lunar Module for the Apollo moon missions. It was quite a pleasure to see this man speak.
I would like to give a big welcome to everyone who just found out about this site at the Maple Conference. I hope that all of you will find the site to be very useful and enjoyable to use. For those of you who are not attending the conference, it is Maplesoft's annual gathering of Maple users. This year it is taking place at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario.
Hello everyone and welcome to MaplePrimes. My name is William Spaetzel and I am the guy who did most of the technical work behind this website.
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