Announcements about MaplePrimes and Maplesoft
Here are some screenshots of Functioning Maple V R1 DOS demo (circ. 1991).
Respond to questions in the "How Do I? (Newbie)" or the "How Do I" forums and you will be eligible to win this great shirt.
Since I was walking around the conference with my Nikon D70 hanging around my neck, many people asked me how they will be able to view the photos that I took at the conference.
The second day of the 2005 Maple conference was another busy day at Wilfred Laurer University. The day began with an excellent keynote presentation from Dr. Richard Gran, the CEO of Mathematical Analysis Company. His talk began with him recalling his days working on the Lunar Module for the Apollo moon missions. It was quite a pleasure to see this man speak.
I would like to give a big welcome to everyone who just found out about this site at the Maple Conference. I hope that all of you will find the site to be very useful and enjoyable to use. For those of you who are not attending the conference, it is Maplesoft's annual gathering of Maple users. This year it is taking place at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario.
Hello everyone and welcome to MaplePrimes. My name is William Spaetzel and I am the guy who did most of the technical work behind this website.
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