Announcements about MaplePrimes and Maplesoft

I just uploaded a small change to the theme of MaplePrimes. Now when you click on any of the tabs on the top right of the page, the red color will stay when you are still visiting a page from that section of the site.

Also, when you click on a link into a section the appropriate tab will become active: Click on a forum post, the forum tab is active, check out a blog entry, the blog tab will be active.

A small change, but it makes the site a bit more attractive.

Maplesoft has just created a new promotion Tell Us Your Story. If you submit a story about how Maple and other products have helped you out, you can win an iPod. Free iPods will be given to three randomly selected people who submit their story here. Here is the text from the page: Has any Maplesoft product helped you? Tell us about it! You could win an iPod! Maplesoft is always looking for great ideas and techniques from our user base. If Maple or any of our other products has helped you work more efficiently, creatively, or just simply better with your mathematics, we want to hear from you.


Update: The contest has ended. Thank you for your submissions.
Answering to Definite Integral post, I tried to do the first example in ?inttrans[fourier],
inttrans[fourier](3/(a^2 + t^2),t,w);

         Pi (exp(a~ w) Heaviside(-w) + exp(-a~ w) Heaviside(w))
       3 ------------------------------------------------------
using int,

No comment. Well, I tried another example from the same help page,
inttrans[fourier](1/(4 - I*t)^(1/3),t,2+w);
A new version of the File Manager was just uploaded. This version now can convert more files to HTML in addition to Maple .mw worksheets. Now if you upload a .txt .mpl, .m, .html, .htm, .maplet, .mm, or .csv file the contents will automatically be converted to HTML. This allows you to view the file directly on MaplePrimes without having to download the file. You can copy the HTML code into your postings, allowing people to see your text files formatted correctly in your postings. When you upload an HTML file, the file's formatting is left intact. But the file's <head> section is removed so that when you paste the file in, it will not cause problems with the formatting of the site.
The links that appear at the top of entry forms have been updated, now when you click on "Upload/Use File or Worksheet", the following text is automatically inserted into your posting: Please replace this text with the link to your file. The link can be found in the File Manager This is to help remind you to copy and paste the link code from the File Manager back into your posting. If you have any comments on this feature, please comment on this post.
Nice implementation of Drupal. I like it!
You can now use Google code search to look only at source files. Right now, Mathematica is handled natively (as the drop down on the advanced page shows), but one can still get to maple files by specifying file:\.mpl as a work around. While it can also be used to search plain text files (to search mws files) as well as XML (i.e. mw files), it is less clear how effective searching in those types of documents would be. People seem to have taken to posting to the Google Code Search Group to ask for their favourite missing language.

We have just launched a brand new version of MaplePrimes that has many new features, tweaks and a fresh new visual design. These features are focused on making the site as easy to use as possible. The site will be coming out of beta very soon and we would like to get as much feedback from users as possible. Please comment on this post with any comments that you have about the new version of the site.

New features for the site include:

  • Maple Ranking - All users are rated based on how active they are on the site. You get points for every posting that you make to the site. The more points that a user has the higher their Maple Ranking.
  • login - You can now log into the site using the same information that you use to log into If you already have a MaplePrimes account you can continue to log in as you did before. If you have a account with the same e-mail address as your MaplePrimes account your accounts will be linked together.
  • Redesigned file manager - All files automatically have their own page that makes it simple to paste the contents into a posting. Images are automatically resized and creating HTML versions of worksheets is easier.
  • Toolbar added to entry boxes - Buttons now appear at the top of all entry areas on MaplePrimes. This makes it easy to enter HTML or Maple code. Quick links to the file manager are also provided.
  • User profile images - Upload an image to your profile that will appear next to your name on all comments that you place on the site.
  • Email pages - A link is now shown on the bottom of every post that lets you forward the post to an e-mail address. You can use this to share a post with a friend or colleague or save it for yourself.

A user's Maple Rank is a way to see how active they are on MaplePrimes. There are four rankings as seen in this table. New users have no Maple rank. You receive points for posting various items on MaplePrimes such as blog entries, forum posts and comments. The more points you have, the higher your Maple rank. This system is similar to the feedback system on eBay, however instead of the points being assigned by users, points come from using the site.

The table below shows the number of points that each user receives for each type of posting.

All entry boxes have a set of buttons shown above them. You can use these buttons to insert the HTML tags required for common formatting on MaplePrimes.

All MaplePrimes users can upload an image that will be displayed next to their name when they post anything to MaplePrimes. You can choose any image that you like, it could be a picture of yourself, your cat, your favorite math expression, whatever.

Images can be up to 85 pixels by 85 pixels. They must be in GIF, JPG, or PNG format.

To upload your picture, click on "my account" on the top left of the page. Then click "Edit". Scroll down until you see the "Picture" section. Click "Browse" and then locate and double click on your image. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Submit". You will then see your image on your user information page.

All posts on MaplePrimes have a link on the bottom labeled "e-mail this". Clicking that link lets you send a link to the post off to an e-mail address. You can use this to send it to a friend or colleague or just e-mail it to yourself to save the link.

MaplePrimes will be unavailable from 1:00 EDT till about 3:00 EDT on Monday, September 25. We will be making some major updates to the site that will greatly improve almost all aspects of the site. Be sure to come back Monday afternoon to check out all of the changes, I'm sure that you will like them!
Hi to All! This is a true top secret story from Ph Dr S.Arlou When I was a callow youth at my first year at the university I was very proud of my high rate in general course of physics. Besides I was rather good at mathematics as I was able to add fractions and find derivative of functions. I had only one thing lift to study – mechanics of materials. To my greatest disappointment I couldn’t manage with my test work on mechanics of materials after twenty attempts! The only consolation I found in the team of the same unfortunate students. It seemed to me that a student with an excellent knowledge of physics had to understand mechanics of materials. Its roots according to my brilliant conjecture™ are hidden exceptionally in physics. What’s the matter? Years passed… More years passed… Some more time passed. All the time I tried to find the answer to my question, how mechanics of materials should be taught so that a child would be able to understand it, at least in general. During these hard meditations I had to be involved into absolutely useless things: post graduation studies, presentation of Ph.D. thesis, teaching at technical university, marriage at last. But Maple with its analytical potential burst into my life as a tornado. The answer came with a lightning speed. Mechanics of materials is short of the power of the power of analytical computing. We need as much of it as our head or laptop can contain. In one word I invented Mechanics of Materials™ only to converge teaching of mechanics of materials to discussions about weather, magazine Forbes ratings and so on… or discussing scientific problems which are far beyond from our standard mechanics of materials curriculum. My congratulations to all students on the occasion of a new academic year! Details
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