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i need to find equation of intersection between a plane(Z=0)  and 3d curve like below:

plane :  Z=0



I ploted Z=0 plane and that curve . it is like this .
i want equation of the pointed curve(curve equation of intersection between Z=  and curve )in bellow  such as k=f(G) .

best regards

i have a assignment problem to optimize with 1200 variables and almost 1000 constraints. but maple couldnt solve it. anyone who can help me is welcome

or may i try another app?


this is the my model









#printlevel :=3;

for j from 1 to 30 do
#her gündüz vardiyasında en az 4 hemşire bulunsun
a[j]:=sum(x[i][j][1], i=1..20)>=4:
end do;































A := [seq(a[j],j=1..30)];


#her gece vardiyasında en az 4 hemşire bulunsun
for j from 1 to 30 do
b[j]:=sum(x[i][j][2], i=1..20)>=4:
end do;
































B := [seq(b[j],j=1..30)];


#her hemşire ayda en az 4 hafta içi gündüz vardiyasında çalışsın
for i from 1 to 20 do
c[i]:=sum(x[i][wd[k]][1], k=1..20)>=4:
end do;





















C := [seq(c[i],i=1..20)];


#her hemşire ayda en az 4 hafta içi gece vardiyasında çalışsın
for i from 1 to 20 do
d[i]:=sum(x[i][wd[k]][2], k=1..20)>=4:
end do;





















dd:= [seq(d[i],i=1..20)];


#her hemşire ayda en az 2 hafta sonu gündüz vardiyasında çalışsın
for i from 1 to 20 do
e[i]:=sum(x[i][we[k]][1], k=1..10)>=2;
end do;





















E:= [seq(e[i],i=1..20)];


#her hemşire ayda en az 2 hafta sonu gece vardiyasında çalışsın
for i from 1 to 20 do
f[i]:=sum(x[i][we[k]][2], k=1..10)>=2;
end do;





















F:= [seq(f[i],i=1..20)];


#gece vardiyasında çalışan hemşire ertesi gündüz ve gece vardiyalarında izinlidir
for i from 1 to 20 do
for j from 1 to 29 do
end do;
end do;

for i from 1 to 20 do
g[i] := seq(g[i][j],j=1..29)
end do;

g:= [seq(g[i],i=1..20)];


Minimize( sum(t[m], m=1..20),{A[],B[],C[],dd[],E[],F[],g[]}, assume = binary );




Hi guys,

This is the first time of solving partial differential equation, can some please help me point out some errows in my code. 


ODEs := `<,>`(diff(v(y), y, y)+(diff(v(y), y))/y-(Ha^2/(1-eta)^2+1/y^2)*v(y)-Re*v(y)*(diff(v(y), y)) = 0, diff(theta(y), y, y)+Ec*Pr*(diff(v(y), y)-v(y)/y)^2-Pr*Re*v(y)*(diff(theta(y), y))+Nb*(diff(theta(y), y))*(diff(phi(y), y))+Nt*(diff(theta(y), y))^2 = 0, diff(phi(y), y, y)-Re*Sc*v(y)*(diff(phi(y), y))+Nt*(diff(theta(y), y, y)+(diff(theta(y), y))/y)/Nb = 0)

ODEs := Matrix(3, 1, {(1, 1) = diff(diff(v(y), y), y)+(diff(v(y), y))/y-(Ha^2/(1-eta)^2+1/y^2)*v(y)-Re*v(y)*(diff(v(y), y)) = 0, (2, 1) = diff(diff(theta(y), y), y)+Ec*Pr*(diff(v(y), y)-v(y)/y)^2-Pr*Re*v(y)*(diff(theta(y), y))+Nb*(diff(theta(y), y))*(diff(phi(y), y))+Nt*(diff(theta(y), y))^2 = 0, (3, 1) = diff(diff(phi(y), y), y)-Re*Sc*v(y)*(diff(phi(y), y))+Nt*(diff(diff(theta(y), y), y)+(diff(theta(y), y))/y)/Nb = 0})


BCs := `<,>`(phi(eta) = 1, v(eta) = 1, theta(eta) = 1, phi(1) = 0, theta(1) = 0, v(1) = 0)

BCs := Matrix(6, 1, {(1, 1) = phi(eta) = 1, (2, 1) = v(eta) = 1, (3, 1) = theta(eta) = 1, (4, 1) = phi(1) = 0, (5, 1) = theta(1) = 0, (6, 1) = v(1) = 0})


param_names := [eta, Ha, Ec, Nt, Nb, Re, Sc, Pr];

[eta, Ha, Ec, Nt, Nb, Re, Sc, Pr]


pdSolve := subs(_P = param_names, proc ({ eta::realcons := .5, Ha::realcons := 1, Sc::realcons := .8, Nt::realcons := .1, Nb::realcons := .1, Re::realcons := 2, Ec::realcons := 0.1e-1, Pr::realcons := 10 }) userinfo(1, Solve, `~`[`=`](param_names, _P)); dsolve(eval(`union`(convert(ODEs, set), convert(BCs, set)), `~`[`=`](param_names, _P)), numeric) end proc);

proc ({ Ec::realcons := 0.1e-1, Ha::realcons := 1, Nb::realcons := .1, Nt::realcons := .1, Pr::realcons := 10, Re::realcons := 2, Sc::realcons := .8, eta::realcons := .5 }) userinfo(1, Solve, `~`[`=`](param_names, [eta, Ha, Ec, Nt, Nb, Re, Sc, Pr])); dsolve(eval(`union`(convert(ODEs, set), convert(BCs, set)), `~`[`=`](param_names, [eta, Ha, Ec, Nt, Nb, Re, Sc, Pr])), numeric) end proc


infolevel[Solve] := 1:

Fig. 3 (changing values of Ha):

P:= Ha:
vals:= [1, 5, 10, 20]:
sols:= [seq(Solve(P= v), v= vals)]:
colors:= [red, green, blue]:
for F in [v,theta,phi](y) do
         plots:-odeplot(sols[k], [y,F], color= colors[k], legend= [P= vals[k]]),
         k= 1..nops(vals)
      labeldirections= [horizontal,vertical]

Error, pdeplot is not a command in the plots package






i have a problem to solve this system ?


I will explain my problem on a simple function and some data.

mg:=78.54*7.85*1e-9*1000*9.81;l:=10000;l0:=12000;h:=0;H := 28.399;

Above is a definition of an initial plot. Now I would like to draw a new plot in which every x coordinate is shifted horizontally by a function:


As you see I can't use translate or scale so I've tried to use a transform function but I can't do it the right way.

I would be grateful for any ideas.





In my Maple project I want to put a simple sin graph on top of an image. But how do I create a background image with a graph on top?

I'm start making an homepage about mathematic and wondt to link a workpage writen in Maple 16 into WP, thanks to whose ho have any idea :)


Helo, guys, i am a beginner here I want solve a system of first order differential equation using RK4. Please I need help please.

I am getting this error for pretty much everything now, i am using maple 16, and there literally is no way i will be able to buy a newer version considering


latex(alpha, beta)

Error, (in latex) permission denied: no write access (C:\Users\the_r\Desktop\MAPLE_DOCS\NUMBER_THEORY\IDENTITY_INVESTIGATION_ARCHIVE_SYSTEM\beta)





PDE := diff(u(x, y), x, x)+diff(u(x, y), y, y)-6*x*y*(1-y)-2*x^3 = 0; BCsx := u(xL, y) = 0, u(xU, y) = y*(1-y); BCsy := u(x, yL) = 0, u(x, yU) = 0; solPDE := pdsolve({BCsx, BCsy, PDE}, u(x, y)); exactSol := unapply(rhs(%), x, y)

I am getting this error for almost everything that i write in maple today, and i simply have no idea what causes it or what it means



"?SetOfCommonDivisors:=(X,Y)->{[[1,X intersect (map(numtheory:-divisors, Y))<>{???}],[0,otherwise]]??"

Error, unable to parse 'mverbatim'

"?SetOfCommonDivisors:=(X,Y)->{[[1,X intersect (map(numtheory:-divisors, Y))<>{???}],[0,otherwise]]??"





Hi, i will post the executed code so you can see what i am saying, essentially i want to know what i am doing wrong here to have simplify not work as a command line function but  it does when i right click the output and select it and the equation label of that output is inserted as the oprand.

I feel like maple is not wanting to be entirely forthcoming with me today or something, but in a more deeper contemplation, i see that refering to the maple interface as if it is a sentient entity is a true indication that i need a social life.


But as you will see, the same failure occurs for the ListTools partial sums feature when implemented in commandline code, but works perfectly well when it is selected by right clicking on the output intended 





I am trying to solve an inequality for the real parts of the solution to be less than 0. How do I do that? When trying to use solve, and specifying Re() Maple warns about lost solutions. I can see there are complex solutions to the equation, but i cannot make Maple calculate them. Maple gives me a range for the real solutions (6.1.11) and (6.1.12), but if I use a number out of the range the inequality is still met, the solutions is just complex, which does not matter. The variable a seems to be able to be between -8 and 3 for the real part of the solution to be less than 0.

Kind regards


The problem and the error in the attached worksheet.,%20(in%20DocumentTools:-GetProperty)%20input%20is%20ambiguous




Do(convert(%CONTAINER1, string))

Error, (in DocumentTools:-GetProperty) input is ambiguous





hey guys does anybody know if i can define a vector from its degree and lenght. instead of having to use coordinates?

the only way i know of defining a vector so far is


sorry my english is'nt the best


- Morten Lund

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