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A function which takes a matrix as input and k the number of places to round to Given a matrix


Matrix(17, 17, [[0, 1.67136411, 3.04642520, 3.03792037, 4.46305818, 4.48953189, 11.44947182, 11.44363094, 5.99694026, 10.05030814, 10.04436470, 12.86806872, 12.86675621, 8.65792026, 11.48220112, 11.47942388, 10.13243670], [1.67136411, 0, 1.37506109, 1.36655626, 2.79169407, 2.81816777, 9.77810770, 9.77226682, 4.32557615, 8.37894403, 8.37300059, 11.19670460, 11.19539209, 6.98655615, 9.81083701, 9.80805976, 8.46107258], [3.04642520, 1.37506109, 0, 2.74161735, 1.41663298, 4.19322886, 8.40304661, 8.39720573, 5.70063724, 7.00388294, 6.99793950, 12.57176570, 12.57045318, 5.61149506, 11.18589810, 11.18312085, 9.83613367], [3.03792037, 1.36655626, 2.74161735, 0, 4.15825033, 1.45161152, 11.14466396, 11.13882308, 2.95901989, 9.74550028, 9.73955684, 9.83014835, 9.82883584, 8.35311240, 8.44428075, 8.44150350, 7.09451633], [4.46305818, 2.79169407, 1.41663298, 4.15825033, 0, 5.60986184, 6.98641363, 6.98057275, 7.11727022, 5.58724996, 5.58130652, 13.98839867, 13.98708616, 4.19486208, 12.60253107, 12.59975383, 11.25276665], [4.48953189, 2.81816777, 4.19322886, 1.45161152, 5.60986184, 0, 12.59627548, 12.59043460, 1.50740837, 11.19711180, 11.19116836, 8.37853683, 8.37722432, 9.80472392, 6.99266923, 6.98989199, 5.64290481], [11.44947182, 9.77810770, 8.40304661, 11.14466396, 6.98641363, 12.59627548, 0, 5.58361857, 14.10368385, 6.98420414, 4.19901549, 20.97481231, 20.97349980, 5.59181627, 19.58894471, 19.58616747, 18.23918029], [11.44363094, 9.77226682, 8.39720573, 11.13882308, 6.98057275, 12.59043460, 5.58361857, 0, 14.09784297, 4.19891293, 6.98410159, 20.96897143, 20.96765892, 5.59130081, 19.58310383, 19.58032659, 18.23333941], [5.99694026, 4.32557615, 5.70063724, 2.95901989, 7.11727022, 1.50740837, 14.10368385, 14.09784298, 0, 12.70452017, 12.69857674, 6.87112846, 6.86981595, 11.31213229, 5.48526086, 5.48248361, 4.13549644], [10.05030814, 8.37894403, 7.00388294, 9.74550028, 5.58724996, 11.19711180, 6.98420414, 4.19891293, 12.70452017, 0, 5.59817917, 19.57564863, 19.57433612, 6.99097994, 18.18978103, 18.18700379, 16.84001661], [10.04436470, 8.37300059, 6.99793950, 9.73955684, 5.58130652, 11.19116836, 4.19901549, 6.98410159, 12.69857673, 5.59817917, 0, 19.56970519, 19.56839268, 6.99056705, 18.18383759, 18.18106035, 16.83407317], [12.86806871, 11.19670460, 12.57176569, 9.83014835, 13.98839867, 8.37853683, 20.97481232, 20.96897144, 6.87112846, 19.57564864, 19.56970520, 0, 5.47162962, 18.18326076, 6.88344719, 4.18501750, 5.53368276], [12.86675620, 11.19539209, 12.57045318, 9.82883584, 13.98708616, 8.37722432, 20.97349980, 20.96765892, 6.86981595, 19.57433612, 19.56839268, 5.47162962, 0, 18.18194824, 4.18355276, 6.88198245, 5.53331719], [8.65792026, 6.98655615, 5.61149506, 8.35311240, 4.19486208, 9.80472392, 5.59181627, 5.59130081, 11.31213229, 6.99097994, 6.99056705, 18.18326075, 18.18194824, 0, 16.79739315, 16.79461591, 15.44762873], [11.48220112, 9.81083701, 11.18589810, 8.44428075, 12.60253108, 6.99266923, 19.58894472, 19.58310384, 5.48526086, 18.18978104, 18.18383760, 6.88344719, 4.18355276, 16.79739316, 0, 5.57088509, 6.91955036], [11.47942387, 9.80805976, 11.18312085, 8.44150350, 12.59975383, 6.98989199, 19.58616748, 19.58032660, 5.48248361, 18.18700380, 18.18106036, 4.18501750, 6.88198245, 16.79461592, 5.57088509, 0, 6.92064952], [10.13243670, 8.46107258, 9.83613367, 7.09451633, 11.25276665, 5.64290481, 18.23918030, 18.23333942, 4.13549644, 16.84001662, 16.83407318, 5.53368276, 5.53331719, 15.44762874, 6.91955036, 6.92064952, 0]])


Convert all the digits in the matrix to k decimal places where k I can specify After converting to decimal places it should not show zero's at the end of the decimal places. Kind help

[sqrt(-3)^1, sqrt(-3)^7];
map(indets, %, radnumext),
map(indets, %, radext),
map(indets, %, radical);

Is this going to be fixed/removed?

Please check the following examples, first without using Units, and the second using it:

No Units:


With Units:


Why does the with(Units) doesn't compute the value? How can I make it work?


Can I force the output of maple to follow a specific width?

For example, I want the output to go to a new line after 10 characters of output

So instead of


I want the output as


I am trying make atomic variables stand out in the document, I thought they used to automatically change to a purple type colour.

So under Format, styles , I set the style to size 14, Bold, dark green.  The font changed on the existing ones but not the colour.

On new ones no setting occours just default text. I then restored to default settings under styles and they all turned purple including the new ones.

Then I made another one but no adoption of the default style (purple) occured. 

This fiddlyness needs to be improved  

Has anyone any suggestions to make the atomic variables adope their default colour etc?

in phase portrait 3d , i use 4 initial condition, How  can I draw each initial condition in diferent colour. it very helpfull so i can see the moving of each IC. Thank you

Hello! I've been trying to solve system of non-linear differential equations. The equations are quite messy, so I've attached the file itself I have read about the similar problems, but they all are related to some expressions having multiple branches. I'm not quite sure where this problem occurs (if it does) here and how to solve it.

For example if we have : a*b+c*(d+e)+f+g+h*(k*p+l):
is there a way to write a loop or script so it could give me: [a*b,c*(d+e),f,g,h*(k*p+l)]:

hi Maplers
I want to solve the following differential equation numerically. but i get error

eqn := (diff(H(K),K))^3+4*K^4*H(K)^4*diff(H(K),K)+8*K^4*H(K)^5=0;
ics := H(0)=1/2;
sol := dsolve({eqn,ics},numeric);
Error, (in DEtools/convertsys) unable to convert to an explicit first-order system
Dear Friends
On 22 March 2018, I received: 
Customer: Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico, UNAM
Order Date: 3/21/2018
Order Number: 889668
Customer Purchase Order: 10972 
For instaling MAPLE 18
Please see the at bottom of the mail
I am trying to reinstall MAPLE 18. Unfortunately the download link
It's no longer available. Please send me a link to download Version MAPLE 18. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
Best Regards
Oscar Jaramillo-Salgado

El 22 mar 2018, a las 11:05, escribió:

Dear Oscar Jaramillo Salgado,

Here is your copy of Maple 2018. And this is not a release to ignore!

People use Maple to do many different things, so it’s inevitable that each new release will include some features you care about and some features you really don’t need. However, Maple 2018 contains a large number of substantial enhancements to how you interact with Maple, which means you’ll benefit from this release no matter what you use Maple for.

You are receiving this email because you are a member of the Maplesoft Elite Maintenance Program (EMP). While you participate in this program, you are entitled to new product releases as they come out.

If you are a MapleSim user, note that, unlike in previous years, this email contains only your Maple entitlement information. If you are still an active EMP member when MapleSim is released, we will send your MapleSim information to you at that time.

How to retrieve your Entitlement 

The purchase code(s) required to activate your product(s) are included below in addition to download link(s) to access the installation files.

If you would like a physical copy of your product(s) shipped to you, please go to You will need the email address that this email was sent to along with the order number. 

Customer: Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico, UNAM
Order Date: 3/21/2018
Order Number: 889668
Customer Purchase Order: 10972



Maple 2018:

Product: Maple2018 Single User Entitlement Download for 1 user(s) (includes 1 home use license(s))

The following Purchase Codes activate this product:

[Purchase code deleted]

For the Maplesoft terms and conditions that govern your license to the above noted products, please refer to the Maplesoft End User License Agreement (EULA) found during installation. The Maplesoft EULA can also be found online at . You should review the entire Maplesoft EULA prior to activating your products. 


It is important that you follow the installation instructions contained with each product. If you experience any problems during installation, please visit the Maplesoft online technical support center at

For more information on activation, refer to the FAQ page at:

For further assistance, please contact the Maplesoft Customer Support Department via the online form located at For customers outside the USA and Canada, please contact the local office or Maplesoft reseller for your region. Visit for contact information.

Please refer to your order number (889668) in any correspondence to customer service.

Kind Regards,
Maplesoft Customer Service

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I'm learning about simplifications in Maple and I'm trying to make it simplify simple trigonometric expressions like sin(x) / cos(x) to tan(x), but it doesn't.

I tried the commands simplify(sin(x) / cos(x)), simplify(sin(x) / cos(x), trig) and nothing works. It still returns:

simplify(sin(x)/cos(x), trig)

I managed to make it work using convert(sin(x)/cos(x), tan):

convert(sin(x)/cos(x), tan)

BUT it creates more problems than it solves, because if I have something like sin(x)/cos(x)*sin(x), I would like it to simplify as tan(x)*cos(x), but instead it converts everything to tan and I get a much more complicated expression:

convert(sin(x)/cos(x)*sin(x), tan)

Can someone help me please?

Why did the last line is(ysol2[1]>0) give false?

Maple does not recognize the assumption?

Thanks in advance.
























case0; x = 0, y = 0, z = 0


Vector[column](%id = 36893490685786064044)


"case1: z=0 ,  h(x,y)=0,  f(x,y)=0 :   From y=(theta*x-1)*(1-x)=y -> 1/(theta)<x and x<1"

xsol1:=solve(h=0,x) assuming x>1/theta and x<1;
ysol1:=solve(subs(x=xsol1,f)=0,y)assuming xsol1>1/theta and xsol1<1;

xsol1 := sigma1/alpha


ysol1 := -(-sigma1*theta+alpha)*(alpha-sigma1)/alpha^2


Vector[column](%id = 36893490685786055012)


case2; g(y) = 0, h(x, y) = 0

ysol2:=simplify(subs(sigma2=delta*eta,ysol)) assuming (1-4*beta*eta^2>0 and eta>0);

Warning, solve may be ignoring assumptions on the input variables.


[(1/2)*(delta+(-4*beta*sigma2^2+delta^2)^(1/2))/(beta*sigma2), -(1/2)*(-delta+(-4*beta*sigma2^2+delta^2)^(1/2))/(beta*sigma2)]


[(1/2)*(1+(-4*beta*eta^2+1)^(1/2))/(beta*eta), (1/2)*(1-(-4*beta*eta^2+1)^(1/2))/(beta*eta)]












I found a new problem in Maple 2023 on windows 10.  But it is more of an annoyonus. This is what happens:

I can have a worksheet open and running somecode with lots of output generated on the screen. Everything displays fine.

Now I go and open a new application not related to Maple at all, for example if I open the task manager, this causes the Maple screen to immediately go all BLANK ! Yes, all the display is gone. I have no idea why opening a new application in new window could cause this.

Everything disappears from the worksheet except for the worksheet frame. All the menus are gone also.

But resizing the worksheet window makes everything to appear agin due to the repaint process, But I need to resize the worksheet few times to get everything to repaint fully.

So the content is still there, but it just do not show/repaint.

Note that Maple does NOT freeze or anything, it is still running and the content is there, it is just that the content becomes not visible due to opening a new application window on the side.

I have never seen anything like this in any other application on windows. I also never had this problem on same PC with Maple 2022.2.

Anyone else noticed this problem?  This is reproducible all the time. Sometimes the content will display again on its own after short amount of time, but will be missing many menu items and missing side content and so on so I have to resize the windows to make repaint eveything again. 

May be it is a Java problem. I do not know.

I have the same system as described in this post 

I will make a movie to show this very soon but I am waiting for something to finish running before I do this so I can save all my work.

Windows 10 pro, running Maple 2023 with two monitors.

Here is a small movie. I made very small example which prints number on the screen in a loop. I added a Sleep in between so it does not take over the CPU just for illustration. In my real code there is no such Sleep command.

In this movie, we see that when I open the task manage window how the display in the worksheet is gone. In this example it comes back after few seconds but all the other items in the worksheet (menus etc..) are still missing. Resizing the windows makes them appear again. In my actual code, due to the larger content, the whole worksheet remain not visible for much longer each time (I waited 5 minutes and more for it to repaint), but still had to resize it to make everything visible as in this example.

Can someone else reproduce this?

for n from 1 to 1000000 do



Version used MAPLE 2015.2

I use dualaxisplot and want a logarithmic horizontal axis.
I can get the expected graphic using either of these two methods

  plot(x, x=0..1, color=blue, axis[1]=[mode="log"]),
  plot(1-x, x=0..1, color=red, axis[1]=[mode="log"]),

  semilogplot(x, x=0..1, color=blue),
  semilogplot(1-x, x=0..1, color=red),

This worksheet contains my true code
(pink lines correspond to < plot + axis[1]=[mode="log"] > and blue lines to < semilogplot >).
You will see that the vertical axis for the plot declared in second position is logarithmic, whatever the way the logarithmic x-axis is defined.

I am unable to find out if I made a mistake (which is likely) or if it is a bug?
Could you please have a look at this code and give me an answer?
Thanks in advance

Hi, I am looking to illustrate my lecture with Maple figures. This is in a French context, using French vocabulary. I am including my mathematical development in an appendix. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you for your help


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